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Samantha Anderson
March 8,2024
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Dickey's BBQ Enhances Customer Experience with HubSpot Service Hub

Dickey's Barbecue Pit built an empire on smoked meats and generations of family dedication. However, as the beloved Texan restaurant chain expanded its franchise restaurant business globally, they faced a challenge — their outdated customer service software hindered communication, risking legal issues. 


Seeking a solution to connect better with customers, Dickey's chose Origin 63 to transform service. The partnership delivered an integrated platform that unifies conversations across channels for seamless engagement. 


With streamlined omnichannel communication, Dickey's can share information securely while resolving issues faster.


The Story of Dickey's Barbecue Pit

Dickey’s is a Dallas-based restaurant chain that has been smoking quality meats since 1941, when founder Travis Dickey opened the first humble locale.


In the early days, Dickey’s was a family affair — Travis manned the smoker while his wife, Miss Ollie, served sandwiches. They even rented out sign space to other businesses to afford startup costs.


This small family operation has since blossomed into a 550+ location franchise empire, cementing the restaurant’s status as barbeque royalty in the US. They have also expanded internationally, opening restaurants in Brazil, Dubai, Egypt, etc. 


Dickey's has won numerous accolades, including being named a Top 500 Franchise by Entrepreneur and one of America’s Favorite Restaurant Chains 2022 by Newsweek.


As they continued scaling into a global franchise, the need arose to upgrade its customer service capabilities.

With 550 franchise locations worldwide, Dickey's required robust systems to support communication across multiple teams — from corporate staff assisting internal operations to agents handling diner issues and franchise owner relations.


The Outdated Software Hindering Dickey's Customer Experience

As a growing 550-location franchise, Dickey's relied on customer service to support internal operations, diners, and franchise owners worldwide. However, their existing Zendesk tools were falling short.


With hundreds of agents needing access, Zendesk's high costs were hard to justify when Dickey's realized the platform was limited in meeting their needs. The challenges they experienced included:


  1. Data Silos: Customer data was disconnected across Zendesk and HubSpot marketing, creating inefficiencies.
  2. Limited Organization: Zendesk lacked robust features for assigning tickets based on criteria, hindering workflow.
  3. Privacy Restrictions: They couldn't run privacy controls like GDPR compliance within Zendesk chat.
  4. Reporting Gaps: Spotting trends and issues with their franchise owners was difficult.

Ultimately, Zendesk's constraints prevented Dickey's Barbecue Pit from delivering the service experience they aspired to. As their mission centered on providing the best support across channels, these shortfalls required a change.


Without the right omnichannel platform, Dickey's couldn't seamlessly manage diverse interactions at scale or unify data. They sought a solution to streamline communication, organization, and compliance across their growing customer service needs.


Why Dickey's Chose Origin 63 to Transform Service

As their Zendesk contract approached renewal, Dickey's sought an alternative to address critical challenges. With clunky workflows, data silos, privacy limitations, and insufficient reporting, Zendesk restricted the franchise’s customer service capabilities.


Most importantly, the high costs were disproportionate to the value gained. Dickey's needed more affordable solutions.


With an integration deadline looming, they required a partner who could quickly onboard them onto a unified platform. Origin 63 provided an ideal solution:

  • Cost-Effective: We offered significant savings for the client. They reported gaining 97% of the capabilities they needed at only 17% of the cost.
  • Unified Platform: Integrating Service Hub with their existing HubSpot CRM centralized data and teams.
  • Omnichannel Service: Comprehensive tools facilitated seamless customer communication across channels.
  • Deadline-Driven: We guaranteed a rapid yet smooth transition before Dickey’s deadline.


With expertise in HubSpot and customer service optimization, Origin 63 was ready to tackle Dickey's obstacles. Our cost-effective approach delivered maximum features for minimal spending.


By consolidating tools under HubSpot, Dickey's could align teams, improve workflows, and take back control of customer data. Origin 63 offered the omnichannel solution they needed to transform service.


How Origin 63 Streamlined Omnichannel Customer Communication

Dickey's initially approached Origin 63 seeking to enhance their customer service capabilities and reduce costs. Did our team deliver results that exceeded their expectations? Absolutely.


Here's how we tackled Dickey's challenges:


Tackling the Initial Challenges

First, Origin 63 wanted to gain efficiencies and reduce software costs. We started by auditing their Zendesk setup. This helped pinpoint exactly where they needed improvements to pave the way for more efficient communication.


Working Together to Set Goals

Next, Origin 63 collaborated closely with department leaders. We wanted to understand each team’s unique needs and reimagine processes tailored for them. After auditing and talking closely with department leaders, we knew consolidating channels was the way to go.


HubSpot Service Hub Migration 

With goals aligned, we proposed migrating to HubSpot Service Hub to unify email, live chat, self-service, and internal collaboration.


Leveraging HubSpot's robust automation and customization, we implemented dedicated inboxes for each team to quickly manage and report on their tickets. 


We also used workflows to make their processes more efficient and added a customized dashboard for business insights.


Workflows streamline repetitive tasks like routing and notifications to boost productivity. A customized dashboard provides real-time insights into volume, resolution times, and agent performance, enabling data-driven support.


Keeping Goals Aligned

Throughout implementation, we met with stakeholders regularly to showcase new solutions and ensure they aligned with evolving goals. Our collaborative approach and HubSpot's flexibility allowed us to address every challenge imaginable. 


For example, when they needed a unique way to provide submission confirmations, we built a custom email template that dynamically pulled data from tickets to update customers instantly.


Standout Partner Collaboration

Today, the client has a tailored omnichannel ticketing environment that meets the needs of each team. From the project kickoff to post-implementation, they have cherished our partnership. 


Together, we've utilized HubSpot to transform their customer communication. Streamlining processes has improved productivity, insights, and experiences for both team members and customers.


The Results of Implementing Service Hub with Origin 63

Implementing HubSpot Service Hub transformed Dickey's customer service capabilities and unlocked significant benefits for their teams and customers. Here are the most significant impacts of our partnership:


Improved Visibility Through Unified Platform

Consolidating 15 teams from siloed Zendesk instances into a centralized HubSpot environment provided complete visibility across channels. With all interactions captured in one place, team members can gain context and ensure no issues fall through the cracks.


Enhanced Workflows and Seamless Collaboration

When we connected HubSpot to tools like Slack, the result was streamlined collaboration across teams. Meanwhile, intuitive ticket management and customizable workflows reduced repetitive manual efforts for more efficient operations.


Actionable Insights Via Robust Reporting

With Zendesk, reporting capabilities were limited. In HubSpot, the client can easily track KPIs like resolution times, CSAT, active tickets, and agent workload to guide optimizations. Custom dashboards provide data they sorely lacked before.


Rapid Onboarding and Adoption

Despite an urgent timeline, our team ensured a smooth transition between systems with minimal downtime. With tailored training and ongoing support, we achieved full adoption within 90 days of launch.


The implementation delivered measurable results across the board by unifying platforms, automating processes, providing data insights, and driving user adoption — achieving crucial business objectives.


Ease of Customization 

Most importantly, the flexible HubSpot platform empowers Dickey’s BBQ to customize and continually enhance their service experience. 


The platform's intuitive customization lets Dickey's continually adapt the platform to changing demands. They could shape consistent yet unique experiences across all franchise locations.


The ability to modify configurations and apps at any time ensures their service platform could grow and improve alongside the business.


What Dickey’s Has to Say

“[With HubSpot Service Hub and Origin 63] We can now track the number of tickets per user, number of tickets per team and have a direct comparison daily, weekly, or any needed time range [...] it has given an insight to do some improvements on the workflows and remove certain aspects of the forms that aren’t being used anymore.”

Dominik Gojani

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Product Owner


Experience the Power of Reliable Customer Communication with Origin 63

Don’t let disjointed systems and inconsistent experiences hold your business back any longer. It's time to centralize your customer communications. 


With the right solutions, you can achieve the same streamlined omnichannel environment, actionable insights, and measurable improvements Dickey’s Barbecue Pit realized.


Our experts at Origin 63 are ready to help you transform your customer service operations by implementing innovative platforms like HubSpot. 


Contact us today to discuss how consolidated omnichannel ticketing could impact your business.


Why go O63
  • Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner
    Origin 63 ranks in the top 1% out of the 2,400+ HubSpot Partners in North America. Less than 9% of all HubSpot Partners globally achieve the HubSpot Partner “Elite” tier status.
  • Member of HubSpot Partner Advisory Council for North America
    We influence change and growth with HubSpot by sharing perspectives and creating strategies together.
  • Tailored solutions paired with a high-touch service model
    We offer advanced support services for custom technical projects, high-touch onboarding, and a subscription program for strategic ongoing HubSpot support needs.
  • Core focus is 100% dedicated to professional HubSpot solutions
     As a “master of our trade,” our technical expertise and efficiency are unrivaled by our competitors.

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