Helping Property Management Company Transition From Declining Revenues to Growth
Origin 63
June 15,2022
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How we helped a property management company transition from declining revenues to growth

The Problem.




PropertyAdvantage, a residential and HOA property management company, wasn’t hitting their growth targets. For nearly a decade, the company had relied solely on referrals, but referrals weren’t coming fast enough.

They decided that they really needed help if they wanted to grow, so they contacted us.


We were brought in to figure out how this company could grow their business without relying on referrals or bought lists. We realized that their website was getting traffic and new leads were filling out forms, but they weren’t getting worked! Dozens of leads each month were falling through the cracks.

We needed a sales process to plug that gap—and FAST.



The Solution.




To accomplish this we:


  • Implemented HubSpot marketing to connect forms from the website to a CRM, and used HubSpot’s deal pipeline to track prospects from start to close

  • Enabled automated emails to immediately touch the new prospect, while immediately sending new lead info via email and text to the sales rep

  • Developed a repeatable sales process enabled by HubSpot tools for efficiency

  • Trained the company’s sales representatives on how to engage new leads and utilize the new HubSpot tools to boost productivity

The Results.


319% ROI


They started with absolutely nobody focusing on their sales, to achieving an impressive 67% close rate! The industry average is ~12%.


We were able to help PropertyAdvantage achieve a 319% ROI by the end of year one, and was projected to reach an ROI of 1089% by year two—and achieving these results starting without a formal sales process or CRM training.


The Strategy.



By analyzing their current close rate at that time, the average value of each of their deals, and the lifetime value of a customer, we came up with a monthly target of 25 qualified sales leads to generate 10 new customers per month.

We set up the HubSpot sales pipeline to track prospects as they moved through the sales process. With reports, we tracked where the best leads were coming from, deal progress, pipeline worth, sales productivity, and contextual information, such as closed lost reasons so we could adjust our sales strategy.




We knew that inbound marketing would be the easiest and most cost-effective way to generate new and qualified leads. We used HubSpot’s marketing tools to help us create:


  • Persona-targeted landing pages
  • Automated email follow-up on forms
  • Nurturing workflows for new leads
  • Sales reminders and tasks
  • Email templates and snippets




Our strategy was to implement a 10 Touch 20 workflow for every new lead. This means that every lead would receive at least 10 different messages within the first 20 days of them coming into contact with our client.


The workflow is set into motion from the moment someone becomes a marketing qualified lead (MQL). As time goes on, the workflow assigns tasks to our designated salesperson to follow up.


We worked with their newly appointed salesperson on how to recognize and work with leads, including setting up templates for her to use for future leads.


By implementing a cohesive sales program, training a dedicated salesperson, and implementing a cohesive inbound marketing campaign, we were able to ensure that good, qualified leads didn’t fall through the cracks again.


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