Enhancing CS with Tickets and Tasks
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August 14,2023
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Getting Started with Tickets and Tasks in Service Hub

Customers expect prompt and efficient support when they encounter issues or have inquiries, providing exceptional customer service is a top priority for businesses. To meet these demands, businesses need robust tools that can streamline their customer service operations. That's where HubSpot's Service Hub comes into play, offering a collection of powerful tools designed to make life easier for customer service agents and provide a seamless customer experience.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at two essential tools within HubSpot's Service Hub: tickets and tasks. Understanding how to use these tools effectively can revolutionize your customer service process and drive customer satisfaction.


HubSpot Tickets


Tickets in HubSpot represent customer service requests. They act as a central repository for all interactions between customers and your company, whether they came in via phone calls, emails, or live chat. HubSpot's tickets tool enables you to efficiently track and manage these customer issues, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. All relevant notes, documents, and conversations related to each ticket are consolidated into one convenient location.

Creating a ticket in HubSpot is straightforward, and customers can submit their requests through various channels, such as email, contact forms on your website, or by calling your support number. Once a ticket is created, it is automatically assigned to a team member, allowing for swift attention and resolution.


One of the key features of the tickets tool is the ticket stages. These stages help visualize the progress of each ticket and ensure nothing gets overlooked. The ticket stages are customizable, allowing businesses to tailor them to their specific workflows. For example, a ticket might progress through stages like "New," "Waiting on Us," "Waiting on Customer," "In Dev," and finally, "Closed."

Each stage represents a different phase of the support process:


New: The initial stage when the customer files a ticket and awaits an initial response.

Waiting on Us: If the support agent needs to perform additional work before getting back to the customer, the ticket moves to this stage.

Waiting on Customer: When the customer needs to provide more information or take action before the agent can proceed, the ticket moves here.

In Dev: If the ticket requires attention from another team, this stage allows for easy collaboration by @ mentioning team members directly on the ticket.

Closed: The final stage indicates that the ticket has been resolved successfully.

By using ticket stages, customer service agents can effectively manage and prioritize their workload, ensuring timely responses and resolutions to customer inquiries.


HubSpot Tasks


While tickets focus on external customer interactions, tasks in HubSpot are designed for managing internal workflows. Think of tasks as the necessary steps to achieve a specific goal, such as resolving a customer's issue (the ticket). These tasks can be assigned to individuals or teams and can include deadlines, making it easier to manage responsibilities and meet deadlines efficiently.


Unlike tickets, tasks are generally created and managed by internal team members. They help keep track of important actions within HubSpot, such as creating new contacts, updating deals, or any other business process that requires attention.

HubSpot tasks can be created manually or automatically through workflows. When managing a complex process or project, tasks can be recurring, ensuring that essential tasks reappear on the to-do list until they are completed.

For instance, consider the scenario of onboarding a new hire. You can create a task for each step of the onboarding process and assign them to respective team members. This way, the onboarding process becomes more organized, ensuring nothing is missed during the critical orientation period.


Leveraging Tickets and Tasks in Tandem


The combination of HubSpot tickets and tasks allows businesses to provide efficient and effective customer service. By using tickets to manage customer inquiries and issues, support agents can easily track and resolve customer problems, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, tasks enable businesses to streamline internal workflows, ensuring that every aspect of the customer service process is handled smoothly. Tasks can be used for individual responsibilities or to manage long-term projects, helping teams stay on top of their work and meet their goals.

It's important to note that while tasks are useful for internal management, they are not reportable like tickets. If you need to track specific metrics or generate reports on customer interactions, using tickets is the ideal approach.

In conclusion, HubSpot's Service Hub, with its powerful ticket and task management tools, empowers businesses to deliver top-notch customer service. By using tickets to track customer interactions and tasks to manage internal workflows, businesses can create a seamless customer service experience. Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, incorporating HubSpot tickets and tasks into your customer service strategy can undoubtedly take your customer support to the next level.


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HubSpot's Tasks and Tickets systems offer remarkable flexibility, and while they can complement each other, they are not interchangeable. If you're interested in discovering how these systems can bring significant benefits to your business and enhance customer experiences, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Origin 63 for more information.


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