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HubSpot Sales & Service Hub
Origin 63
October 10,2023
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How this Electric Bike Company Used HubSpot to Put Pedal to the Metal

Onyx Motorbikes, renowned for its innovative approach to daily commuter pedal-assist bikes and dirt trim options, has positioned itself as a distinct player in the micro-mobility industry. This case study delves into the hurdles confronted by Onyx Motorbikes and how they effectively overcame them through the adoption of HubSpot Sales Hub and Service Hub


The integration of their sales and service teams is also explored, paving the way for sustained growth in the fiercely competitive electric bike market. Prior to the implementation of HubSpot Sales Hub and Service Hub the company grappled with significant operational challenges that hindered their progress and expansion. 

Under the guidance of experts from Origin 63, the HubSpot Sales Hub and Service Hub implementation was instrumental in addressing these obstacles, resulting in notable enhancements to their sales procedures and organizational efficiency.




Before implementing HubSpot Sales and Service Hub, Onyx Motorbikes encountered several primary challenges:


Disjointed Processes: Onyx lacked a centralized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, leading to fragmented processes in managing sales and customer loyalty. Sales efforts and post-sales processes were handled separately, with customer service operations running through Zendesk.


Small Team: Still a growing team at the time, the Onyx Motorbikes team held responsibility for marketing, sales, and services to a small group wearing multiple hats. This limited resource pool made efficient communication and collaboration essential.


Service Management: Managing customer service effectively was a challenge due to limited personnel. They needed a solution to efficiently handle customer inquiries and issues.




The adoption of HubSpot Sales and Service Hub with the help of Origin 63, addressed these challenges effectively:


Centralized Data: HubSpot allowed Onyx Motorbikes to consolidate all customer data into one centralized location, enabling the creation of comprehensive reports tracking the customer journey from marketing to eBike consideration. This included reports on bike sales by dealers, eComm sales, and order fulfillment tracking.


Streamlined Processes: HubSpot streamlined their processes, enabling them to focus on marketing strategies that cut through the saturated eBike industry noise. They transitioned from Zendesk to HubSpot ticketing, allowing them to track warranty lifecycles and bike delivery status efficiently


Customization Support: Onyx had a custom bike customization business segment. A dedicated sales pipeline and post-sale implementation process were established in HubSpot to provide visibility into the custom order's production stages, with automated email alerts to clients at specific production milestones.


Market Research: Customer and prospect surveys were integrated into HubSpot to conduct market research and gather invaluable data on the fulfillment process, helping Onyx adjust their processes for continuous improvement.


Efficient Service Management: Automatic ticket creation and ticket/task assignment in HubSpot ensured that the service team focused on their owned tickets, eliminating double work and improving efficiency.


Website Integration: Integration of forms on their website facilitated seamless data capture and segmentation of contacts, distinguishing between dealers, prospects, and customers.




Following the successful integration of HubSpot Sales and Service Hub, Onyx Motorbikes experienced several key outcomes and advantages:


Streamlined Data: All customer data was centralized in HubSpot, allowing the team to segment contacts and run targeted email campaigns to customers and dealers.


Robust Reporting: Comprehensive reporting capabilities enabled the team to isolate trends, make informed business decisions, and measure the ROI of marketing spend and channels.


Investment in Dealer Networks: With streamlined operations, Onyx was able to invest more resources in their dealer networks, strengthening their partnerships.


Time Efficiency: The small team at Onyx no longer had to spend time updating information in multiple places or coordinating through various communication channels. All essential information resided in HubSpot.


In conclusion, by integrating their sales and service teams into HubSpot Sales and Service Hub, Onyx Motorbikes overcame their operational challenges, streamlined their processes, and gained valuable insights. This integration allowed them to focus on their core mission of redefining the micro-mobility industry and provided the foundation for sustained growth and success in the competitive electric bike market.


Tap into the Full Potential of HubSpot Sales Hub with Origin 63:


Origin 63, a trusted HubSpot Diamond Agency and proud member of the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program, specializes in the intricacies of HubSpot day in and day out. Just as Onyx Motorbikes found success through integration, Origin 63 invests time and effort in understanding your unique needs and processes. They develop personalized strategies aligned with your organization's objectives.


For expert change management guidance and optimized sales and service operations, reach out to Origin 63 for a tailored consultation. Unlock your untapped potential and rely on them to drive enhanced performance and satisfaction, propelling your business towards greater success.

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