Mastering Customer Satisfaction with HubSpot Surveys
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August 9,2023
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How to Measure & Improve Customer Satisfaction with HubSpot Surveys

In today's competitive business landscape, understanding your customers' needs and satisfaction levels is crucial for success. One powerful tool that can help you gather valuable insights is customer surveys. HubSpot, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, offers a variety of customer surveys directly within its Service Hub. Customers have more choices than ever before, and their loyalty can easily shift to competitors if they feel unsatisfied or neglected. Understanding the needs, preferences, and pain points of your customers is vital for making informed business decisions and driving continuous improvement.


Customer surveys offer a direct and efficient method of gathering feedback from your client. They provide a platform for customers to share their thoughts and opinions about their experiences with your products, services, and support. By leveraging customer surveys, businesses can gain valuable insights into what's working well and what needs improvement, helping them align their strategies with customer expectations.


1. Getting Started with HubSpot Surveys


To access surveys within the HubSpot portal, navigate to the Service Hub and click on "Feedback Surveys." Here, you'll find various survey types to choose from, including Custom Surveys, Customer Effort Score (CES),Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and Net Promoter Score (NPS). Each survey type serves different purposes, depending on the information you wish to collect.


2. Selecting the Right Survey Type

HubSpot's Service Hub is a powerful suite of tools designed to enhance customer service and support. One standout feature is the ability to create and deploy various types of customer surveys directly within the portal. Whether you're looking to measure customer effort, overall satisfaction, or likelihood of recommendation, HubSpot's survey options cater to different aspects of the customer experience.

Before creating a survey, it's essential to select the appropriate survey type that aligns with your specific goals. For example, CES is ideal for measuring the ease of customer interactions, while CSAT uses smiley faces to gauge overall satisfaction. NPS, on the other hand, measures the likelihood of customers recommending your brand. Depending on your objectives, choose the most relevant survey type.


The Versatility of HubSpot Surveys


The versatility of HubSpot surveys goes beyond just the types of surveys you can create. With options to customize the survey design, distribute surveys through email, webpages, or chat, and target specific customer segments, businesses can tailor their surveys to suit their unique needs and preferences.

3. Crafting Your Survey

Once you've selected a survey type, it's time to set up the survey itself. HubSpot provides pre-defined questions for CES and NPS surveys to maintain industry standards. However, CSAT surveys allow for more customization. When crafting your survey questions, avoid simple yes-or-no queries and opt for open-ended questions to elicit detailed feedback.


4. Designing the Survey


HubSpot allows some customization in the survey's design, such as changing images and colors to match your brand's identity. Additionally, you can create a personalized thank-you message for respondents based on their feedback. This gesture of appreciation can enhance customer loyalty and encourage them to provide more feedback.


5. Targeting Your Survey


Tailoring your survey's distribution is vital to collect relevant data. In HubSpot, you can choose specific customer segments, like new customers or high-value clients, to receive the survey. Additionally, you can control when and how often the survey appears, ensuring a seamless user experience for your customers.


6. Leveraging Survey Data

Once your survey starts receiving responses, the real power of HubSpot surveys comes into play. By leveraging the automation features, you can create follow-up tasks or internal email notifications to address negative feedback promptly. Engaging with dissatisfied customers can turn their experience around and foster customer loyalty.


7. Creating Reports for Insights

Gathering feedback is only valuable if you can interpret and analyze the data. HubSpot allows you to create reports based on survey responses, providing valuable insights into customer trends over time. By monitoring these reports, you can identify areas for improvement and track the effectiveness of your efforts to enhance customer satisfaction.


Turning Feedback into Actionable Insights

Gathering feedback is only the first step; the real value lies in translating that feedback into actionable insights. With HubSpot's automation features, you can create workflows that trigger specific actions based on survey responses. For instance, if a customer expresses dissatisfaction, an internal notification can alert the support team to address the issue promptly. Moreover, positive feedback can be capitalized on by requesting customers to leave reviews or testimonials, which can bolster your brand reputation and attract new customers.


Maximizing Survey Engagement and Response Rates


To gather meaningful data from surveys, it's essential to maximize engagement and response rates. Several strategies can be employed to achieve this:

1. Keep Surveys Concise: Customers are more likely to complete surveys that don't consume too much of their time. Keep the questions focused and relevant to ensure higher completion rates.

2. Offer Incentives: To encourage participation in a lengthy survey (such as a custom survey), consider offering incentives like discounts, vouchers, or entry into a prize draw. These incentives can motivate customers to take the time to provide feedback.

3. Follow-Up Communications: Sending follow-up reminders to customers who haven't completed the survey can significantly increase response rates. Gentle reminders demonstrate that you value their input and want to hear their opinions.

The data collected from surveys can be transformed into visual reports, providing a comprehensive overview of customer sentiment over time. HubSpot's reporting capabilities enable businesses to identify trends, strengths, and weaknesses in their customer experience efforts.

By regularly analyzing these reports, businesses can make informed decisions, refine their strategies, and implement changes that lead to better customer satisfaction levels


Cultivating Customer Loyalty and Advocacy


When customers feel heard and valued, they are more likely to become loyal advocates for your brand. Satisfied customers tend to remain loyal, make repeat purchases, and recommend your products or services to friends and colleagues.

With HubSpot surveys and the tools it offers for follow-up and engagement, businesses can nurture customer relationships and turn dissatisfied customers into loyal advocates, enhancing their overall reputation and increasing customer retention rates.


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HubSpot's Service Hub offers an invaluable set of tools for businesses seeking to master customer satisfaction through well-designed surveys. By tapping into the insights provided by customer surveys, businesses can align their strategies with customer expectations, enhance products and services, and build long-lasting customer relationships.

From selecting the right survey type to crafting thoughtful questions, targeting specific customer segments, and leveraging automation, HubSpot surveys provide a holistic solution to understanding customer needs and experiences. By using survey data to create actionable insights and drive improvements, businesses can cultivate customer loyalty, advocacy, and ultimately achieve greater success in their respective industries. Embrace the power of HubSpot surveys and unlock a world of customer satisfaction opportunities for your business. Good luck!


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