The Present and Future of Sales Hub
The Present and Future of Sales Hub
Origin 63
September 7,2023
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HubSpot Unveils a Transformational Sales Hub Refresh

In the fast-paced world of modern business, sales teams are encountering unprecedented challenges. Buyers have grown weary of the constant barrage of unhelpful sales messages, which has resulted in decreased interest. At the same time, sales teams are struggling to meet their sales goals, dealing with limited budgets, and facing a shortage of skilled staff. 

In the midst of these difficulties, HubSpot aims to completely transform the sales software field with the re-launch of its Sales Hub. This includes introducing new features, refining its message, and strategically repositioning itself. This relaunch demonstrates a daring move towards establishing HubSpot's Sales Hub as the ultimate solution for effectively expanding sales teams.


The Dilemma of Modern Sales: A Need for Refresh


For B2B organizations, the problem of productivity is a significant concern. The traditional strategy of hiring more sales representatives, increasing activities, and using a variety of tools has lost its effectiveness. The traditional approach of "more, more, more" — more salespeople, more activities, and more tools — has lost its effectiveness.  

Sales representatives find themselves overwhelmed with tasks that don't involve selling, and their interactions with customers lack genuine depth, resulting in what can be called a "Connection Gap." Ironically, even though AI and automation have increased the number of interactions, the quality of these interactions has declined. As a result, sales leaders are under growing pressure to meet targets and maintain predictability while working with limited resources.


Evolution of Sales Hub: A Glimpse into the Future

HubSpot, a name synonymous with innovation and customer-centric solutions, is once again set to redefine the way sales teams operate with its upcoming Sales Hub Refresh. With a slew of new features, a refined narrative, enhanced positioning, and comprehensive enablement, HubSpot is signaling its commitment to being the ultimate sales software for scaling sales teams in today's competitive business world.

HubSpot has been a game-changer when it comes to inbound marketing, and with a Sales Hub Refresh, it's all set to continue its legacy. The refreshed Sales Hub is not just an update; it's a strategic overhaul designed to elevate the way sales teams function and thrive.


What's New?


Imagine having everything you need for sales at your fingertips, from prospecting to closing deals. HubSpot Sales Hub does just that, streamlining your workflow and automating those time-consuming tasks that once bogged down your team. With this refresh, you can focus more on making genuine connections with prospects and customers, and less on administrative tasks.


Prospect Smarter

Prospecting lies at the heart of successful sales. The Sales Hub refresh takes prospecting to the next level with personalized sales engagement tools that turn prospects into pipeline. The results speak for themselves: there's been a 12% increase in deals created.


Prospecting Workspace: A dedicated workspace empowers sales reps to efficiently organize their day, stay focused on daily activities, and connect each action to their overarching goals. No more app-switching – just a holistic view of your prospecting efforts.

Sequence Outcome Reporting: For Sales Hub Enterprise customers, new metrics are introduced: Deal Rate and Total Revenue. These metrics quantify the impact of your sequences, giving you insight into which strategies lead to deal creation and revenue.

A/B Testing in Sequences: Experimentation is key. Test different email templates with split sends, and use performance data to optimize your outreach strategy for maximum impact.

Sequence Step Analytics: Dive deep into step-level analytics to understand how your sequence steps convert into booked meetings. Identify areas for improvement and refine your approach accordingly.

Sequences on Mobile: The HubSpot mobile apps (iOS and Android) now support enrolling, un-enrolling, pausing, and resuming contacts from sequences. Take prospecting on the go and unshackle sales reps from their desks.

Lead Management: Managing leads has never been easier with the introduction of the new leads "object" in HubSpot. Seamlessly embedded into the prospecting workspace, this feature allows users to create leads from contacts, streamlining the process and eliminating unnecessary assignments.

Integrating with Salesforce: The HubSpot Sales Hub refresh doesn't leave any CRM behind. Integration with Salesforce empowers you to enroll contacts into HubSpot Sequences and create meetings directly from Salesforce records. No more tab-switching – just efficient connection-building with your prospects and customers.

QR Code Scanner: Simplify the process of importing contacts through a QR code scan. Perfect for in-person events and networking opportunities, this tool complements HubSpot's existing mobile app business card scanning.

Booking Meetings on Behalf of Others: Enable reps to book meetings on behalf of their colleagues. Round-robin routing functionality ensures efficient scheduling, with credit given to both the meeting booker and the host.

Lead Form Qualification: Automate lead qualification and routing with conditional redirect rules in HubSpot Forms. Customize responses, URLs, and meeting scheduling pages based on form submissions, streamlining lead management.


Content Assistant on Mobile: Embrace AI on the go with the HubSpot mobile app's Content Assistant. Craft emails effortlessly and efficiently, even while on the move, using the power of AI.


Accelerate Revenue Growth

The future of deal management has arrived, and it's intelligent, insightful, and designed to accelerate revenue growth. The 36% increase in closed deals and the impressive 109% boost in close rates are just the beginning. With these new tools, you're not just closing deals; you're opening doors to unprecedented success.

Deal Inspection View: With the all-new Deal Inspection View, you're equipped with insights that shed light on pipeline health and sales velocity. These insights empower both sales reps and managers to prioritize tasks more effectively and fine-tune coaching strategies. Imagine having an "at a glance" view of your sales pipeline's health and progress. This tool brings you exactly that.

Forecast Insights: The new embedded forecast insights data ensures that you do. Whether it's a monthly, quarterly, or yearly target, you'll have your finger on the pulse of revenue trends and pipeline movements.
Forecast Accuracy Tracking: A reliable forecast is the cornerstone of strategic planning. That's where forecast accuracy tracking comes in. Not only can you measure the accuracy of your forecasts, but you can also delve into the effectiveness of your forecasting process itself.

AI Forecasting: The forecast generated by your team can now be rigorously tested against HubSpot's cutting-edge AI-powered forecast. This innovation, driven by historical sales data, projects future sales with remarkable precision – an accuracy rate that can reach a staggering 95%.

Forecast Across All Pipelines: Every pipeline, every deal – all in one place. The power to manage goals and forecasts across all your pipelines is now at your fingertips.


Scale Insightfully


The path to growth is paved with insights and efficiency. With integrated reporting and CI tools, you're equipped to scale your success systematically. Boost close rates, optimize processes, and drive predictable growth.

Prospect Activities Reporting: Knowledge is power, especially in sales. The Prospect Activities Reporting feature shines a spotlight on your sales team's activities, empowering sales managers to assess process effectiveness, resource allocation, and team performance. Dive into the metrics that matter:

  • Booking meetings

  • Enrolling contacts in sequences

  • Making calls

  • Completing tasks


Lead Reporting: From lead generation to revenue realization, Lead Reporting is your map, providing insights to rally both marketing and sales teams around clear goals.

Lead Contact Rate Report: Gain insights into how your reps are engaging with quality leads and uncover the reasons behind their conversions.

Lead Source Report: Unveil the performance of your inbound, sales, and product-qualified lead sources, pinpointing which sources contribute to high-value leads.

Deal Funnel Reporting: The deal funnel is your playground of opportunities. Now you can identify skips, track conversions, and measure time in stages, enabling data-driven decisions for an enhanced sales strategy. The revamped Deal Funnel Reporting provides even more insight:


  • All Stages in Any Order Funnel: Upgraded with skips, conversions, and time in stages.

  • All Stages in Order Funnel: Enhancements include skips, conversions, time in stages, and two visualization choices – Sankey and Funnel.


Deal Journey Analytics: Lets you build journeys based on deals, providing a holistic view of the path from prospect to revenue.

Deal Tags: Prioritize deals based on specific conditions with colored markers. Super admins can create up to ten tags, enhancing your sales board's clarity.

Advanced Playbook Recommendations: It allows you to tailor playbooks based on any property in any object, including custom properties.

Playbooks on Custom Object Records: You can now easily access playbooks on custom objects and leverage all the same process guidance and tools you're used to.

Master Playbooks with Snippets and Formatting: Efficiency meets customization. Snippets support in playbook note fields allows you to save frequently used phrases for quick reuse. Plus, enrich your notes with rich text formatting.


Coaching Playlists: Share knowledge effortlessly. Coaching Playlists lets you save call recordings to playlists, facilitating scalable onboarding and skill enhancement.


As the business world continues to evolve, embracing transformative solutions like the Sales Hub Refresh isn't just an option—it's a necessity for staying ahead and thriving. HubSpot has once again proven its dedication to empowering businesses, and the Sales Hub Refresh is a testament to their unwavering pursuit of customer success. Get ready to elevate your sales game with the HubSpot Sales Hub Refresh. Your journey to sales excellence begins here.


Elevate Your Sales Strategy With HubSpot's Revolutionary Sales Hub Refresh, In Partnership With Origin 63


Modern sales present unique challenges, but HubSpot's transformative update is here to reshape the game. Origin 63, a HubSpot expert agency and part of the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program, is equipped to guide you through this new era of sales. With smarter prospecting, intelligent deal management, and efficient scaling, the Sales Hub Refresh is your gateway to sales success. 

Origin 63's expertise ensures you harness the full potential of this update. Ready to propel your sales journey? Connect with us today and step into the future of sales excellence.

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