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April 12,2024
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HubSpot's Unified CRM for Sales, Marketing & Service Team Efficiency

As your business grows, providing exceptional customer service can become increasingly difficult. It’s especially true if you use a mix of different tools and software. 


Disconnected marketing, sales, and customer support systems make it tough for your teams to deliver a seamless customer experience.


That's where HubSpot's all-in-one platform shines. It unifies your marketing, sales, and service operations into one customer relationship management (CRM) platform, so your teams can see every interaction and touchpoint.


The result? More contextual and personalized conversations that make customers feel truly known and valued throughout their buyer’s journey. This post will explore how HubSpot's CRM empowers teams to work more efficiently toward common goals.


What Are the Competitive Advantages of HubSpot?


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HubSpot’s marketing, sales, and customer service tools are centralized around a powerful CRM platform. It lets your entire operation work seamlessly from the same centralized database, with full visibility into each customer's journey. Teams can easily collaborate and share insights.


How Does HubSpot’s CRM Streamline Collaboration?

Let's say a prospective customer, Jane, downloads an ebook from your website about the benefits of your product. In HubSpot's CRM, this interaction is logged in Jane's timeline, allowing your marketing team to see that she's engaged and interested.


Your marketing automation tools can trigger a personalized email nurture sequence to Jane based on her downloading that ebook. If Jane schedules a demo after clicking a link in one of those emails, that's also logged, alerting your sales team to her rising interest as a hot lead.


When a sales rep has their call with Jane, they have full visibility into her previous marketing interactions and can customize their conversation accordingly. The sales process, any proposed pricing, Jane's specific paint points and needs, and more are all tracked in the centralized CRM.


If Jane purchases, her onboarding, product usage, support interactions, renewal timelines, and other details flow into that unified profile. 


When she contacts your customer service team for help, the agent has her complete history at their fingertips — from the initial marketing touch to the sales cycle to the current issue.


Rather than silos causing miscommunication and duplicated efforts, your teams operate as one seamless force.


The Power of HubSpot’s CRM: 5 Key Advantages

HubSpot's CRM creates a 360-degree view of every customer and their journey with your company. You can easily access comprehensive customer profiles, collecting every interaction and data point in one timeline.

This context allows your teams to truly understand each customer's needs, pain points, and previous experiences — setting the stage for personalized, relevant communication.


Here are some other advantages of HubSpot’s CRM:


1. CRM Features for Agents

When a customer contacts your service team, your agents have powerful tools within the platform. With a single click, they can view all the important details about that customer and their company neatly displayed on one screen.


HubSpot's Unified CRM for Sales, Marketing & Service Team Efficiency, CRM Features for Agents


This centralized customer profile contains the customer’s contact details (name, email, phone number, etc.), company overview, and background. It can also include other information:


  • Any feedback, reviews, or survey responses they've previously submitted
  • A full timeline of all conversations and interactions across channels
  • Details on any currently open support tickets or past resolved cases
  • A log of any open deals they're evaluating with your sales team
  • Past closed deals or purchases from your company


This complete view allows your service agents to provide personalized, context-aware support from the moment they start assisting a customer.


2. Contextualizing Conversations


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With this CRM's features, agents can explore the deeper context of the customer's past experience. If an agent needs to understand the situation better, they can simply click into different areas of the customer's profile.


For example, if they need additional context on the customer themselves, accessing the contact record provides a detailed history of that person's interactions.


If the case relates more to the customer's company or product usage, the company record gives a higher-level overview. This may include details like:

  • Products/services they purchased
  • Their current contract status or service level
  • Any contacts beyond just the individual reaching out


Your agents can see the full story and the personal and company perspectives. This ensures they can have natural, personalized conversations and provide tailored resolutions.


3. Collaboration and Teamwork

HubSpot's CRM breaks down organizational silos and facilitates seamless collaboration between your sales, marketing, and service teams. It has unique collaborative features that bridge these groups together:


Within any customer's timeline, team members can easily create shared notes visible to everyone involved with that account. This allows for quick communication across departments.


For example, a service agent could alert the sales team about an expansion opportunity after receiving positive feedback during a support call, or marketing could notify the service team of an upcoming campaign impacting support volumes.


Open communication promotes alignment and allows teams to execute a unified strategy for each customer. There's no more passing outdated information through siloed inboxes and spreadsheets.


How to Mention Team Members on Records


Step 1: Navigate to the relevant record type

  • For contacts, go to Contacts > Contacts
  • For companies, go to Contacts > Companies
  • For deals, go to Sales > Deals
  • For tickets, go to Service > Tickets
  • For custom objects, go to Contacts > [Custom Object Name]

Step 2: Open the specific record you want to mention someone on

Step 3: In the left panel, create a new activity log, note, or comment on an existing activity

  • Click "Log Activity" or "Add Note" to start a new one
  • Or click on an existing activity to comment on it

Step 4: In the text editor, type @ followed by the team member's name or email

  • A dropdown will appear with matching users
  • Select the correct user from the list



Step 5: Complete your note/comment and click "Log Activity" or "Save Note"

Step 6: The mentioned user will receive a notification


4. Leveraging Customer Service for Sales Opportunities

In addition to enhancing collaboration, HubSpot's unified CRM helps your sales team proactively identify new opportunities from customer service interactions.


From within a customer's record, sales reps can easily explore a complete view of all open and closed deals for that company, any related support tickets submitted over time, and feedback from service interactions.


This insight lets sales monitor positive signals from existing customers. For example, mentions of expanding their use of your product or adding new product lines could signify a prime upselling moment.


Rather than waiting for a referral, your sales team can proactively pursue these opportunities in a personalized, timely manner. They can capitalize on the strong customer relationship your service team cultivates.


No sales opportunities go unnoticed; your services and sales motions work together efficiently.


5. Unified Customer Experience


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This CRM also lets you design and optimize unified experiences across your entire customer-facing operation.

With all customer data centralized, your marketing, sales, and service teams can align on strategies that create seamless transitions as customers move through their journey with your brand.


For example, marketing can analyze service data to identify common customer pain points or knowledge gaps. They can then proactively develop campaigns, content, and messaging to educate leads and customers before issues arise.


Sales can precisely target marketing's hottest leads while incorporating service insights to overcome objections. Customer service can find the right information and solutions to provide best-in-class reactive support.


This closed-loop system helps you satisfy customers at every stage rather than disjointed, fragmented experiences as they're passed from one silo to the next.


Unify Your Customer Experience with HubSpot

HubSpot's all-in-one CRM platform empowers businesses of all sizes to finally break down organizational silos and unite marketing, sales, and service teams under one roof. 


Centralized customer data powers seamless collaboration, enabling you to craft exceptional experiences that delight customers at every stage of their journey. 


From personalized marketing that resonates, to a seamless sales process resolving their pain points, to knowledgeable support agents providing responsive service — HubSpot allows you to cultivate the cohesive, "known" experience that builds lasting loyalty and satisfaction. 


Your teams operate as one unified force centered around the customer.


Partner with Origin 63 to Implement the Powerful HubSpot CRM

Unifying your customer experience doesn’t have to be a struggle. Let the experts at Origin 63 guide your implementation of HubSpot's all-in-one CRM solution. We'll help you centralize marketing, sales, and service for more efficient teams and happier customers.


Contact us to learn more about how we can accelerate your HubSpot implementation with customized solutions.


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