Origin 63
June 15,2022

Bringing one organization out of combination of spreadsheets + Pipedrive into HubSpot

The Problem.




We’ve seen it time and time again: company executives are frustrated by slow growth — but they have no idea what’s going on with sales.


This time was no different. When a manufacturer of harvesting machines came to us, they had a problem: They had Pipedrive, but their distributed sales team hadn’t been using it consistently, which meant data was spotty.


What’s worse, many of them had resorted to spreadsheets because the tool was so hard to use.



The Solution.




We had two challenges to solve: 1) Migrating all the existing data and context from Pipedrive to HubSpot and 2) establishing a sales process that the team would actually be able to use.


To accomplish this we:

  • Utilized an API between Pipedrive and HubSpot to migrate all existing data
  • Worked with executives to streamline their sales process, from contract records to information captured within deals
  • Conducted 10+ hours of training with the sales team to teach new processes and reinforce best practices for tracking prospects

The Results.



The sales team actually adopted the new system! Executives had a better insight into the pipeline and could help with keeping deals moving. This resulted in overall growth in sales just 6-months after implementation, paying for the migration 3x over.


The Strategy.




The sales team had been using Pipedrive for a few years, so they were very concerned about losing valuable contact and sales data.


Because sales agents had been using the CRM in different ways, we needed to move and map data in pieces to make sure that we weren’t losing data. The process took about 4-weeks, but we were able to move all of the previous data into HubSpot.




HubSpot sales pipelines are built by defining each stage of the customer’s buyer journey. The company hadn’t really used stages before, so we explored their process by interviewing top sales reps.


In the end, we determined that 5 stages were enough to capture the different touchpoints and decisions needed to be made by new customers to convert. This streamlined the process a lot.




After we defined the pipelines, we also streamlined the data requirements for sales. We also developed and taught sales different tools in HubSpot to work leads faster.


Our pieces of training consisted of:

  • Contact properties to capture
  • Using HubSpot’s email integration
  • Logging activity and notes
  • Using the sales pipeline
  • Creating tasks to follow up
  • Using sequences to stay in touch
Why go O63
  • Diamond HubSpot Solutions Partner
    Origin 63 ranks in the top 1% out of the 2,400+ HubSpot Partners in North America. Less than 9% of all HubSpot Partners globally achieve the HubSpot Partner “Diamond” tier status.
  • Member of HubSpot Partner Advisory Council for North America
    We influence change and growth with HubSpot by sharing perspectives and creating strategies together.
  • Tailored solutions paired with a high-touch service model
    We offer advanced support services for custom technical projects, high-touch onboarding, and a subscription program for strategic ongoing HubSpot support needs.
  • Core focus is 100% dedicated to professional HubSpot solutions
     As a “master of our trade,” our technical expertise and efficiency are unrivaled by our competitors.

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