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Circle_HubSpot Service Hub Migration + Adoption Support A Case Study of Sierra Interactive
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June 14,2023
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HubSpot Service Hub Migration + Adoption Support: A Case Study of Sierra Interactive

Sierra Interactive is a leading provider of residential real estate software and services for agents, teams, and brokers in the United States and Canada. With a strong focus on lead generation and management, Sierra Interactive has gained the trust of top-performing teams and influential coaches in the real estate industry.
Sierra Interactive had experienced significant growth and the capabilities for their service tool at the time, HelpScout, introduced significant operational challenges at scale . These included messy and restrictive ticket organization and the reliance on manual reporting processes using Excel due to the tool’s lack of features. In moving Service to HubSpot , the company needed to ensure that the migration process would not result in the loss of previous data, and that team downtime would be minimized.

To address these operational challenges and optimize customer service operations, Sierra Interactive sought the expertise of Origin 63, a trusted HubSpot Consulting Partner known for its proficiency in implementing and supporting HubSpot Service Hub.


Obstacles that Hamper Growth and Limit Operational Effectiveness


Sierra Interactive, being a fast-growing software and service company, faced several challenges that necessitated a migration from their existing legacy service platform:

Outgrowing the legacy service platform: As the team expanded its customer base and operations, their existing system could no longer accommodate the increasing complexity of their business, resulting in inefficiencies for service reps and account managers alike.

Messy and restrictive ticket organization: The organization of  tickets in HelpScoutlacked the flexibility needed to adequately manage and prioritize customer inquiries effectively. 

Lack of readily available insights: HelpScout’s capabilities for reporting and analytics are severely lacking. This forced the team to spend hours on reporting manually through Excel, which was time-consuming and prone to errors.

Data preservation and team downtime: Sierra Interactive was adamant about not losing any previous data during the migration process. Moreover, they couldn't afford any significant disruptions to the service team's workflow, as it would impact customer satisfaction and business operations.


Transforming Customer Service Operations with HubSpot Service Hub and Streamlined Communication Channels

To overcome these challenges, Origin 63 worked closely with Sierra Interactive to develop and implement a comprehensive solution that would address their specific needs:

Remapped ticketing processes and migrated all historical tickets via API: In the movement from HelpScout to HubSpot, we didn’t want things to stay exactly the same. This meant that the data would be reorganized in transit, ending up in new ticket statuses, newly created dropdown properties and in separate pipelines. Migrating the tickets via API gave Origin 63 the ability to preserve historical ticket data, including email logs, team notes and comments, logged calls and attachments. Tickets were also associated with the company and contact who initiated the conversation, creating a complete record for the service team for all customers in the CRM, including past tickets.

Customized ticket properties to provide more context for reporting: Origin 63 tailored ticket properties within HubSpot Service Hub to provide additional context for reporting purposes. This customization facilitated better visibility for managers, enabling them to identify and escalate issues effectively. Now instead of having to export tickets and manually sort pivot tables by category, the team is able to pull together reports within HubSpot on ticket trends, volume, type and more.

Utilized automation to improve efficiency: Origin 63 leveraged automation features within HubSpot Service Hub to automate the process of assigning new conversations and tickets to the appropriate representatives. This automation reduced manual workload and improved response times. Additionally, surveys were automatically sent out after ticket closure to gather valuable feedback and enhance the overall customer service experience.


Enhanced Efficiency and Full Adoption

Through the partnership with Origin 63, Sierra Interactive achieved remarkable outcomes, greatly enhancing their customer service operations:


Increased time to response with automated routing: The implementation of automated routing within HubSpot Service Hub enabled Sierra Interactive to respond to customer inquiries promptly. By routing tickets to the appropriate representatives automatically, the company significantly reduced response times, leading to greater customer satisfaction.

Saved historical information with ticket migration: Origin 63 successfully migrated Sierra Interactive's previous data without any loss, ensuring that the service team had access to historical information when dealing with customer issues. This preserved knowledge contributed to better problem-solving and improved service quality.

Full service and account team adoption within 30 days: Thanks to the comprehensive training provided by Origin 63, Sierra Interactive achieved full adoption of the new service hub by both the service and account teams within just 30 days from the launch. This rapid adoption resulted in improved collaboration, streamlined processes, and enhanced overall productivity.

Sierra Interactive's migration to HubSpot Service Hub proved to be a pivotal decision in overcoming the limitations of their previous service platform. By customizing ticket properties, implementing automation, and providing comprehensive training, the company successfully improved ticket management, enhanced reporting capabilities, and achieved full adoption within a short period. 

With the new system in place, Sierra Interactive is now well-equipped to scale its operations, deliver efficient customer support, and maintain its position as a trusted leader in the residential real estate software and services industry. The successful leveraging of HubSpot Service Hub Migration + Adoption Support by Sierra Interactive with the help of Origin 63's expertise and guidance exemplifies the transformative power of strategic partnerships and effective implementation. 


Conquer Customer Support  Operational Obstacles with Origin 63: Your Reliable HubSpot Consulting Ally

If your company is currently encountering obstacles such as the limitations of an outdated service platform, disorganized and cumbersome ticket management, or concerns regarding data preservation and minimizing team downtime during transitions, we recommend seeking assistance from Origin 63, a specialized HubSpot Consulting Partner. 

Our team of experienced HubSpot Consultants possesses the knowledge and expertise to swiftly analyze the underlying causes of these challenges and develop personalized solutions tailored to your specific needs. We understand that attempting to tackle these issues independently can be time-consuming and less effective. That's why we offer hands-on training to help you bring your business vision to fruition more efficiently.

Don't hesitate to reach out to our team and engage in a discussion about the obstacles you're currently facing. By collaborating together, we can identify and implement the most effective solutions to overcome these challenges and drive your business forward.

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