Driving Scalability & Growth

Driving Scalability and Growth with HubSpot Sales Hub + Service Hub
Origin 63
May 30,2023
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Streamlining Operations and Driving Growth through HubSpot Service + Sales Hub

Since its establishment in 1972, Wall Street English has emerged as a global leader in adult English language training. Their "Blended Learning Method" integrates in-center classes and online resources to deliver personalized learning experiences. Operating in over 25 countries, they prioritize flexibility, fluency development, and practical language skills.

Wall Street English Saudi Arabia, a prominent language training organization, faced operational challenges that demanded optimization. Origin 63, a trusted HubSpot Consulting Partner, stepped in to address these obstacles and drive substantial growth. Recognizing the potential of HubSpot's Sales Hub and Service Hub optimization tools, Origin 63 meticulously implemented them to improve processes and enhance customer support.

Through close collaboration with Wall Street English Saudi Arabia, Origin 63 developed tailored strategies and implemented changes to address specific needs. The outcomes were exceptional. The organization experienced increased enrollments and scalability as customer support was optimized and sales operations streamlined. HubSpot's tools empowered them to efficiently manage inquiries, provide timely support, and nurture leads, while maintaining their renowned standards of personalized learning.

Navigating Operational Challenges during Rapid Growth and Expansion

As Wall Street English Saudi Arabia experienced rapid growth through acquisitions and the addition of new representatives, their existing processes began to falter. The challenges they encountered included:


Breaking Processes: The influx of new representatives led to more complexity than before. With students able to select from 10 locations, challenges arose around disorganized routing, causing delays in sales and customer support responses. The lack of proper categorization (for instance, what were students interested in enrolling? How can the organization support them in making a decision? What challenges were they facing?) further compounded the issue, impacting the efficiency of operations.

Loss of Real-time Visibility: The existing processes hindered executives from gaining real-time visibility into their sales funnel and students needs. Because the company had added locations so rapidly, it was difficult to get a true sense of the overall company performance, but also at the individual location, team and rep level.  This lack of insight made it challenging to make informed decisions and optimize their business strategies. They wanted to be able to understand what marketing channels drove the best leads, how long it took to close on average, and identify students that could be offered expansion courses or re-enrollment.


Revitalizing Operations and Driving Growth

Origin 63 proposed and implemented a comprehensive solution leveraging HubSpot Sales Hub and Service Hub  to address the challenges faced by Wall Street English Saudi Arabia. The key elements of the solution included:


  • Reorganized Forms and Chat Functions: Forms and chat functions were restructured to streamline routing based on location and specific needs. For instance, students could now select a location first, and then proceed to select classes offered at that location as a dependent field in the form. This ensured efficient handling of inquiries and improved response times as the student was routed to the proper team immediately

  • WhatsApp Integration: In Saudi Arabia, like many countries outside of the US, students preferred to communicate via WhatsApp over email. Origin 63 implemented the WhatsApp integration, enabling representatives to communicate with customers in real-time. This integration supported faster response times and enhanced customer satisfaction. It also solved for the customer, providing the channels that they desired to use, whereas email was often a dead end with new inquiries.

  • Automation and Segmentation: Oftentimes when a student reached out, they weren’t ready to make a decision. To aid in the further working of a prospect, we needed to ensure that we were capturing data for future segmentation. Automation was utilized to assign properties based on the information from inquiries, facilitating effective segmentation for personalized engagement. For instance, we defined and automated Lifecycle and Lead Status in order to track and segment the students who entered into discussions, but didn’t make a decision. This allowed representatives to better understand customer needs and tailor their approach accordingly.

  • Enhanced Reporting: Reports were reconfigured to provide valuable insights such as SLA, ticket volume by category and location for the Service Hub, and true pipeline velocity and volume by location for the Sales Hub. This enabled executives to gain real-time visibility into sales performance and customer support metrics.

  • Training and Documentation: Origin 63 documented standard operating procedures (SOPs) and created training videos to ensure consistent onboarding and long-term knowledge transfer for representatives. Because their reps were spread across multiple locations and shifts, videos were helpful in enabling the team to learn without requiring everyone to be available at the same time.

Key Results of HubSpot Sales Hub and Service Hub Implementation

The implementation of HubSpot Sales Hub and Service Hub optimization, along with Origin 63's support, resulted in significant improvements for Wall Street English Saudi Arabia, including aligning 200+ reps across 10 learning centers. Here are some of the key outcomes:

  • 68% Increase in Enrollments: Within a span of six months, Wall Street English Saudi Arabia witnessed a remarkable 68% increase in enrollments, including both new enrollments and renewals. This growth was attributed both to the optimized processes and enhanced customer support, as well as to the insights that allowed the company to better allocate marketing spend to drive more business. 

  • 360-Degree View of Customer and Prospect Needs: The reconfigured systems provided a comprehensive view of customer and prospect needs, segmented by different learning centers. This holistic understanding allowed for personalized interactions and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Scalability of Processes: The optimized processes and documentation facilitated the seamless incorporation of new representatives over time. Wall Street English Saudi Arabia achieved the ability to scale their operations without compromising efficiency or customer experience.

By leveraging HubSpot Sales Hub and Service Hub, Wall Street English Saudi Arabia successfully overcame their operational challenges and achieved significant improvements in enrollments, customer support, and scalability. Origin 63's expertise in HubSpot consulting and their deep understanding of CRM integration played a crucial role in delivering these outcomes. The case study exemplifies the power of aligning processes with the right technology and support to drive growth and enhance customer experiences in a competitive market.


Overcome Operational Challenges with Origin 63: Your Trusted HubSpot Consulting Partner


If you're facing operational challenges such as disorganized routing and delays in sales and customer support, caused by an influx of new representatives and a lack of proper categorization, or if your existing processes hinder real-time visibility into your sales funnel and client needs, consider reaching out to Origin 63, a technical HubSpot Consulting Partner. 

Our team of expert HubSpot Consultants can quickly identify the root causes and create customized solutions to address these challenges. We provide hands-on training to bring your business vision to life faster and more effectively than attempting to solve them on your own. 

Contact our team to discuss your burning challenges and find solutions together.


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