Streamline Customer Support with Knowledge Base
Streamline Customer Support with Knowledge Base
Origin 63
July 25,2023
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Enabling Self-Service: The Power of HubSpot's Knowledge Base

In today's digital age, customers prefer finding immediate solutions to their queries rather than picking up the phone and waiting for assistance. To cater to this demand, businesses must adapt and provide a seamless and efficient way for customers to access information. This is where a knowledge base comes into play. 


Understanding the Knowledge Base 


 A knowledge base is a centralized database designed to store and distribute information and data. It serves as a repository for knowledge, enabling businesses to collect, organize, retrieve, and share valuable information with their target audience. By leveraging a knowledge base, businesses can address customer queries promptly and provide self-service solutions. Knowledge bases can be classified into two main forms: machine-readable and human-readable. Machine-readable knowledge bases store data that can be analyzed by artificial intelligence systems, allowing for automated responses. 

On the other hand, human-readable knowledge bases store documents and physical texts that are accessible to humans, providing a more interactive and hands-on experience. While machine-readable knowledge bases offer efficiency, human-readable knowledge bases offer a personal touch that may require more effort to maintain.


Features of HubSpot’s Knowledge Base within Service Hub 


Did you know HubSpot’s Knowledge Base feature can be both human-readable and machine-readable? 

Let's dive into the functionality and advantages of HubSpot's Knowledge Base, exploring how it can be leveraged both within your organization and externally to drive business growth.


Enhancing Customer Experience: The Knowledge Base tool is designed to facilitate content organization and empower customers to find answers to their inquiries quickly. With intuitive categorization and search functionality, customers can easily navigate through articles and access relevant information.


Customizing Article Settings: HubSpot's best practices recommend structuring articles with a title, subtitle, and answer to optimize searchability. Additionally, the article settings provide options to define visibility. You can choose between private and public articles, enabling you to control who can access specific content.


Private Articles for Restricted Access: If you prefer to limit article access to specific users, such as customers with particular licenses or internal staff, you can set articles as private. By selecting designated lists, you ensure that only authorized individuals can view and benefit from the content.


Leveraging Keywords and Meta Descriptions: To enhance search engine visibility for public articles, incorporating relevant keywords and meta descriptions is essential. This practice helps drive organic traffic from search engines like Google. However, for businesses focusing solely on a private Knowledge Base, such optimization may not be necessary.


Analyzing Article Performance: One of the powerful features of the Knowledge Base is the ability to track article performance. By monitoring views and feedback, you can assess article effectiveness. Identifying popular search terms and analyzing articles marked as unhelpful allows you to address knowledge gaps and improve content to better serve your audience.


Bridging Knowledge Gaps: Understanding search terms with no results provides valuable insights into potential content gaps. By tagging related articles or creating new ones, you can ensure that customers and staff alike can access comprehensive and relevant information, closing any knowledge deficits.


Integration with Other Tools: The benefits of the Knowledge Base extend beyond its standalone functionality. It seamlessly integrates with other HubSpot features, such as chat. Customers can initiate a search inquiry directly within the chat interface, and customer service representatives can search the Knowledge Base and share article links, enabling swift access to helpful content.


AI-Powered Content Assistance: HubSpot's AI content assist feature offers an added advantage within the Knowledge Base. This tool allows you to rewrite, expand, summarize, and even adjust the tone of your articles. Leveraging AI-powered assistance streamlines the content creation process, making it easier to continually enhance and grow your knowledge base.


In today's fast-paced world, customers expect quick access to information and self-service solutions. By establishing a well-structured knowledge base, businesses can meet these expectations, enhance the customer experience, and reduce support costs. 

By optimizing article settings, leveraging analytics, and integrating with other tools, businesses can streamline their customer support processes and empower employees with readily accessible information. Embrace the power of a knowledge base and unlock the potential to streamline your operations, boost customer satisfaction, and position your business as a leader in your industry.


How Can Origin 63 Help You Leverage HubSpot's Knowledge Base?


 If you require any clarifications or additional support in leveraging the Knowledge Base for your business, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are readily available to provide guidance and assistance, dedicated to ensuring your success. 

As an esteemed member of the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program and a trusted HubSpot diamond agency, Origin 63 possesses the expertise and resources required to empower businesses in harnessing the complete power of HubSpot. Embrace this opportunity to optimize efficiency, elevate customer experience, and empower your staff through the utilization of HubSpot's Knowledge Base. Reach out to us today and unlock the full potential of this invaluable tool, propelling your business to new heights of accomplishment.



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