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CRM Case Study: How customized HubSpot integrations boosted High Buds
Origin 63
October 20,2022
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CRM Case Study: How customized HubSpot integrations boosted High Buds

From our HubSpot Case Studies series, we present the High Buds Club Story.


As High Buds Club blossomed from a small start-up to a premier cannabis club seemingly overnight, the behind-the-scenes processes of managing memberships needed a complete overhaul. 


Hundreds of applications flooded the company’s online application as Canadian cannabis professionals sought memberships for exclusive events, product samples, and other industry-centric goodies. 


For every single application that High Buds Club received, a staff member manually managed the entire membership. 


In fact, each step of the membership journey, from reviewing and approving applications, onboarding new members, validating shipping information, and organizing data for packaging, was a manual process, spread across a patchwork of disconnected software platforms. 


It didn’t have to be that way. 


The High Buds Club was already using HubSpot in limited situations and knew it was the right solution for managing their long-term growth. What they didn’t know was how to harness the platform’s potential to build an operational foundation, automate their processes, and create a single source of truth. 


So, they sought help from the pros. 


Origin 63 used a proven process of in-depth discovery and HubSpot audits to find the root of the challenge.


Then, they presented the High Buds Club with a step-by-step solution, based on their knowledge and expertise from solving hundreds of HubSpot challenges. As the icing on the cake, Origin 63 provided transparent and proactive communication every step of the way.


An Unsustainable Process for Managing Memberships


The High Buds Club team found itself buried in hundreds of of new membership applications each week. 


Every single application needed someone to review and approve it. Then, someone needed to onboard new members into the CRM data. When shipments were ready, again, someone needed to review all the shipping information, sort by location, and send it to Canada Post or Pineapple Express.  


Managing their database and sending the right gifts to the right person at the right time was quickly becoming painful as their membership grew. 


The founder knew their manual processes were strangling growth for the High Buds Club. She needed a way to automate the membership journey, starting from the second a prospective member submitted an application. 


An ideal solution would manage 3 key steps in the workflow:


  1. The application required review to ensure the prospective member fit the criteria, and the information needed to sync with their platform, Mighty Networks.

  2. When that application was approved, High Buds Club needed a customized confirmation message to let that member know they were in.

  3. As new samples and packages were ready to send to members, High Buds Club needed to find the appropriate shipper for each location.


Each step in the process required someone on the High Buds Club team to manually enter information in the next system – leaving the door open for errors.


And because critical data was spread across so many different platforms, High Buds Club leadership lacked a clear picture of how members were engaging and how the organization was actually performing.


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HubSpot Consulting Services Provide One Platform to Rule Them All


The Origin 63 team worked closely with the founder to understand the High Buds Club’s unique needs and created custom solutions that would place HubSpot at the center of its workflow. 


Before starting the engagement, Origin 63 met with the High Buds Club to understand their current Hubspot situation, challenges with manual processes, and ultimate business goals. 


After several discovery conversations and an audit of their current HubSpot setup, Origin 63 presented a detailed step-by-step plan to save the High Buds Club a significant amount of time.


The ultimate solution centralized customer information in one system connected their tech stack and eliminated errors from manual processes. 


To pre-screen applications, Origin 63 built a new pre-registration form using Javascript and HubSpot’s API to automatically approve or deny members based on answers to key questions. 


Customized HubSpot Integrations: Mighty Networks


For onboarding, Origin 63 created an integration between HubSpot and Mighty Networks to streamline the CRM data management flow of information, automate the process, and have a quality HubSpot data sync. 


As shipments were ready to send, Origin 63 created the third integration to create and retrieve packing labels and shipping information for High Buds Club’s two partners – Canada Post and Pineapple Express. They also designed and implemented a process for automating some of the post-delivery data collection. 


In addition to building these solutions, the Origin 63 team also provided personalized training, so the High Buds Club could quickly get up to speed on the new workflow – and realize the full potential of HubSpot. 


HubSpot Benefits: A Connected, Efficient System


Instead of a network of disconnected systems, High Buds Club was able to rely on HubSpot as, well, their information hub. 


As new applications continued to flow in each day, HubSpot served as the central information hub, and seamlessly managed the flow of data from membership applications and approval to onboarding, shipping, and beyond. 


All of this information in a single place also meant the High Buds Club had new visibility and clarity into its members, their journeys, and even the organization’s own processes. HubSpot’s reporting tools made it simple to review and analyze the information they needed. 


They were also easily able to segment their database into areas of interest, industry focus, geography, and more to better serve the club’s members.


For example, if a new promotion becomes available for certain geographies, the High Buds Club can easily create an email marketing campaign to generate demand from the right audience at the right time. 


Without the need to manually enter data into multiple systems, the High Buds Club also reduced the likelihood of simple human error, such as double-data entry and simple typos.


Origin 63: HubSpot Consulting Services


When you have operational challenges stemming from data inconsistencies, lack of visibility into your data, or manual processes, reach out to a technical Hubspot Consulting Partner like Origin 63. 


We help tech-driven revenue leaders bring their business vision to life and make the impossible possible – with the help of Hubspot’s Marketing, Sales, Service,  Operations, and CMS Hubs.


Our expert team of Hubspot Consultants and strategists can quickly spot the underlying challenge,  create a custom technical solution, and provide the hands-on training to bring your vision to life much faster than trying to figure it out yourself. 

Have a burning challenge you’d like to solve? Let’s talk! Get in touch with our team here

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