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October 26,2022
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Why go HubSpot? The ultimate guide

Today’s customer is attracted through neat marketing, engaged through great sales interactions, and retained through quick customer support.


To be aligned with these needs, companies require a visible and reliable resource for customer data. Whether you’re a startup, a service provider, an established enterprise, or a manufacturing unit, you realize that setting up a streamlined process that can give you customer insights is difficult.


And following it through is an even bigger challenge.


HubSpot is a comprehensive tool, and we created this guide to provide you with all the information you need if you are still doubting moving forward. Before we give you the 'whys,' let's take a step back and review the most common symptoms that arise.


Companies that use HubSpot solve these challenges:


Conflicting goals


Your team may assume that a particular strategy will increase customer base and revenue. So, while they push for that strategy to be implemented, it may not be the company’s focus at the time at all.


The company may indeed be focusing on satisfying customers who are already on board as opposed to bringing in more customers who may overthrow the system completely. This is one challenge that cross-functional teams face when the information is scattered across departments.


Opposing points of view (usually in Sales)


While a team member may be interested in increasing the sales target for the month, another may assume that it’s best to stick to the previous month’s target to save the employees from undergoing undue stress. Who’s to have the last say in such a situation?


Having curated data based on the previous month’s performance and team members who are well aware of their roles in the process would be a good solution to this problem.


Delayed decision-making for leaders


Unfortunately, when there are conflicts and opposing points of view within the organization, it results in delayed decision-making. Thus, delays in customer service,  releasing timely product updates, etc., are all reasons your customers run away.


So...why go HubSpot? Why is it a good fit for you?


For starters, it won’t just make data more organized and useable for your enterprise. It will digitalize aspects of your business you didn’t even think were possible. Let’s get right into it – why HubSpot? 


crm migration checklist


Why choose HubSpot from a tech perspective:


With five hubs – each responsible for a core aspect of your enterprise, it’s difficult for your organization to lag. Here are some HubSpot features:


Marketing Hub: When your marketing data and tools are right across each other, in one central hub, powerful leads aren’t very far away, either. Tools such as:


  • Ad tracking and social media make it easy to start conversations. 
  • Blogs and SEO leads become easy to highlight. 
  • With live chat support, potential customers can eventually become fruitful.



If you want to learn more, look at our HubSpot Case Studies. You will find projects that involve migrations, integrations, customized API solutions, and more.


Sales Hub: Saying just the right things on a sales call has never been easier.


  • Capture details of the call, and listen to suggestions through AI-powered insights.
  • With the best-performing sales content, email-tracking, and personalized email automation, there’s hardly a potential customer you won’t get the attention of. 


Service Hub: We already emphasized you’ve got to respond fast to your customer. But you also don’t want to exhaust your customer support executives. HubSpot benefits your customer success executives by letting you:

  •  Turn your most frequently asked questions into automated responses guiding your customer to helpful articles and videos. 
  • For more complicated queries, the customer portal assigns a ticket to each initiated query so that they never get lost, and executives can track which queries they’re taking care of.


CMS Hub: The benefits of HubSpot CMS include the following:


  • With simple drag-and-drop tools, you can customize web pages based on the go CRM data.
  • SEO recommendations so you can identify which content is landing you the most leads. 

Operations Hub: After listing the four most selling features of HubSpot, still wondering about the benefits of HubSpot? then this single Operations hub will make it all worth the read.


  • The Operations Hub enables your enterprise to analyze and curate customer data that can change the game for your business.


What does HubSpot do for team leaders?


At the beginning of this article, we mentioned how employees who lack a clear understanding of goals could cause a delay in the decision-making process. With HubSpot, that will no longer be an issue.


For sales leaders, it’s easy to create goals.


Just create a sales goal for your team members to follow. Managers can easily create goals for their teams if the goals are trackable. The targets can also be placed in a selected pipeline and be tracked at the end of every month.


Managers can also create custom reports for goals they had set to showcase to their teams and discuss over coffee.


Dashboard reporting software for data-driven leaders


In addition to all the existing hubs, it’s easy to track progress with data from all the other hubs effectively visible in one place.


Learn how to make Marketing and Sales Teams work together in this article.


If I decide to go with HubSpot, How can Origin 63 help?


So, is HubSpot worth it? Well, getting started with HubSpot can be tricky. Once you decide to move forward, we’d like for you to leave the rest to us, Origin 63, a HubSpot diamond agency and member of the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program. 


Through our flexible programs, we help you select the necessary investments you should make according to your goals and budget.


You won’t have to lose years’ worth of your data just because you want to join HubSpot now. We at Origin 63 help ease all the bumps for you, so your business can accelerate smoothly down the road to success.


If you’re still wondering, “how can HubSpot help my Business? ” let us know you and your organization better. Get in touch with Origin 63 for a personalized consultation today.



Why go O63
  • Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner
    Origin 63 ranks in the top 1% out of the 2,400+ HubSpot Partners in North America. Less than 9% of all HubSpot Partners globally achieve the HubSpot Partner “Elite” tier status.
  • Member of HubSpot Partner Advisory Council for North America
    We influence change and growth with HubSpot by sharing perspectives and creating strategies together.
  • Tailored solutions paired with a high-touch service model
    We offer advanced support services for custom technical projects, high-touch onboarding, and a subscription program for strategic ongoing HubSpot support needs.
  • Core focus is 100% dedicated to professional HubSpot solutions
     As a “master of our trade,” our technical expertise and efficiency are unrivaled by our competitors.

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