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February 2,2024

How Customer Service Supports Marketing Efforts

Customer service and marketing often seem unrelated. Service teams handle support tickets, while marketing focuses on campaigns and social media. But here's the truth — excellent marketing relies on service.


Top-notch service creates great brand experiences that fuel marketing success, and insights from service teams uncover new marketing opportunities. When aligned, service and marketing work together to create positive customer experiences that drive loyalty.


In this article, we'll look at how service reinforces marketing efforts. You'll see why tighter coordination between these teams amplifies results and creates frictionless customer journeys.

5 Ways to Boost Marketing with Customer Service


How Customer Service Supports Marketing Efforts, 5 Ways to Boost Marketing with Customer Service


Customer service is a goldmine of insights for enhancing marketing efforts and outreach. Here are five impactful ways service teams can support overall marketing success:


1. Build Customer Advocacy through Exceptional Service


Helpful, empathetic service shows customers you truly care about their needs. This builds trust and rapport with your brand.


Customers who feel valued by excellent service are likelier to become enthusiastic advocates. They transition from merely being "satisfied" to actively promoting and defending you within their network.


Happy customers organically rave about you to family, friends, and online. These recommendations are highly effective forms of marketing because people trust sincere personal experiences over ads. 


In fact, 81% of customers trust recommendations from family and friends over those from companies. 


Loyal customers provide repeat business and refer others to you. They give your brand the benefit of the doubt if any missteps occur. 


2. Customer Feedback as a Marketing Tool


Customer feedback can be a marketing goldmine if you know how to leverage it correctly. Here’s how you can use it to support your marketing efforts:


Gather Insights from Interactions


Every customer interaction, whether through a support ticket, survey, or social media post, represents an opportunity to gain insights that can inform marketing. 


By truly listening to and analyzing customer conversations, you can: 


  • Identify pain points to address
  • Spotlight product/service strengths to promote
  • Improve offerings based directly on customer perspectives


Turn Feedback into Impact


Don't just collect feedback — act on it. 


Use insights to refine and enhance your offerings continually. Fix bugs, add features, and update support processes. 


Then, showcase these customer-driven improvements in your marketing messaging to demonstrate how you listen and respond.


Leverage Customer Feedback with HubSpot Surveys


With HubSpot's Survey tool, you can seamlessly collect insights. Insert a quick satisfaction survey into web pages. Pop one up after a support chat. Automate surveys to go out after purchases.


Here’s how:


Step 1: Go to Feedback > Surveys and click "Create Survey." You can also edit or use an existing survey. 


How Customer Service Supports Marketing Efforts, Leverage Customer Feedback with HubSpot Surveys


Step 2: Select delivery method — email, web page, or chat.


How Customer Service Supports Marketing Efforts, Leverage Customer Feedback with HubSpot Surveys


Step 3: Tailor questions and design for each method.


Step 4: Set targeting criteria to reach specific segments.


 How Customer Service Supports Marketing Efforts, Leverage Customer Feedback with HubSpot Surveys


Step 5: Review and publish your survey

Step 6: Analyze results and feedback

Step 7: Use insights to drive improvements and marketing


For a more detailed guide on creating HubSpot Surveys, read 3 Ways to Collect Customer Satisfaction Surveys with HubSpot.


3. Personalization for Targeted Marketing


How Customer Service Supports Marketing Efforts, Personalization for Targeted Marketing


Your service teams deeply know the customer. CRM data from support histories reveal pain points, product usage, and communication preferences — invaluable details.


Tapping into this insight leads to next-level personalized marketing. It shows you truly understand each individual. This deepens engagement as customers feel seen and heard.

Let’s go into more detail about how you can use customer service to personalize marketing:


Create Detailed Customer Profiles


Customer service interactions provide a wealth of data on individual preferences, needs, and motivations. Capture this data within your CRM to build detailed customer profiles. These insights enable hyper-targeted marketing.


Send emails addressing specific customer needs. Trigger offers based on purchase history. Guide prospects with tailored content sequences.


Tailor Marketing Messages Based on Customer Interactions


Use what you know about each customer from past conversations and purchases to tailor messaging. Recommend specific products they may like or content that matches their interests. 

Take personalization further by customizing entire campaigns around individual segments. Design and send targeted email campaigns based on customers’ behaviors. 


4. Addressing Customer Pain Points


No brand or company is perfect, but missteps create marketing opportunities. Here’s how you can handle issues and use them to your advantage: 


Turn Pain Points into Content Ideas


Customers' frustrations or concerns during service calls are a brilliant source for marketing content ideas. Create blogs, guides, or webinars that provide solutions.


Alert the content team to new pain points so they can produce assets that attract and assist prospects with those same issues.


With HubSpot Service Hub, you can easily do this through the HubSpot Knowledge Base feature. It helps you create knowledge articles based on the most common concerns in support conversations. 


Identify and Resolve Customer Issues Promptly


Monitor channels diligently to identify customer complaints and problems quickly. Prioritize resolving problems ASAP, even going above and beyond, to flip negative situations into positive brand moments.


Follow up after resolving an issue to ensure satisfaction. Seek feedback on how you handled the situation and ask how you can improve.


Mitigate Potential Damage to Brand Reputation


Dissatisfied customers are vocal. Around 35% of American consumers share their negative experiences with brands on social media.


So, fix problems before they spiral and lead to damaging public complaints. Empower support teams to resolve issues. Continuously improve processes to minimize problems proactively.


5. Customer Service Channels as Marketing Touchpoints


How Customer Service Supports Marketing Efforts, Customer Service Channels as Marketing Touchpoints


Interactions on service channels like chat, phone and social media themselves provide opportunities to educate customers on offerings and upsell additional services.


Here’s how you can use these channels for marketing:


Integrate Marketing Messages into Customer Service Interactions


Customer service agents act as brand ambassadors with every interaction. Let agents reference relevant promotions or content when engaging with customers. This provides a subtle marketing touch.


Create Consistent Brand Messaging Across Various Touchpoints


Ensure brand voice, values, and messaging align across communication channels — from ads to customer service scripts. Consistency presents a unified brand image. When customers notice aligned messaging everywhere, it reinforces positive perceptions of your brand. 


Use Social Media and Online Reviews for Marketing Opportunities


Monitor social media and reviews for brand mentions. Respond promptly to enhance visibility and showcase great service. Convert satisfied customers into brand advocates by proactively requesting reviews.


Time to Implement


An exceptional service team regularly provides marketing with vital intelligence — from customer insights to new content ideas and sales opportunities. This mutually beneficial relationship can increase loyalty, referrals, and revenue when nurtured.

By feeding insights between the teams and aligning around the unified goal of customer satisfaction, companies can thrive.


Gain Customer Insights with Origin 63 and HubSpot


Ready to align service and marketing for impact? HubSpot Service Hub provides robust tools to capture insights from every interaction.


Built-in surveys and analytics allow you to gather feedback and identify opportunities to improve experiences. Integration with HubSpot CRM enables seamless coordination between your customer service and marketing teams.


Let Origin 63 experts walk you through maximizing HubSpot Service Hub to gain valuable customer feedback. With insights guiding the way, you can craft frictionless journeys that turn customers into advocates. Start a conversation with us to learn more!

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