Maximizing Success with HubSpot CRM Analytics
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July 27,2023
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Leveraging HubSpot CRM Analytics: Unveiling Hidden Sales Insights for Better Forecasting

In today's ever-evolving and dynamic business environment, sales teams, operations teams, and finance teams are constantly on the lookout for innovative methods to maximize the benefits of HubSpot CRM Analytics


As competition intensifies and market conditions fluctuate, businesses are recognizing the significance of data-driven insights and the role they play in achieving success. With HubSpot CRM Analytics, organizations have a powerful tool at their disposal to extract valuable information, analyze sales performance, and make informed decisions. 

Let’s uncover some of the lesser-known tools within the sales analytics arsenal, particularly focusing on the invaluable sales historical snapshots. By exploring this feature, we can discover how it provides teams with the desired benchmarking capabilities and empowers them to enhance sales forecasting. 


So, let's navigate through the HubSpot portal and unveil these hidden gems!


Unveiling the Historical Snapshots: To access the sales historical snapshots, navigate to the Reports and Analytics Tools section within your sales pro and above portal. Under Sales Analytics, you'll find the historical snapshots report, which has garnered significant attention recently. This report offers the ability to compare the number of deals on any given day, week, month, quarter, or any desired timeframe. This level of granularity is often challenging to obtain without specialized tools, as HubSpot primarily provides create dates and close dates for deals.


Overcoming Data Challenges: Traditionally, obtaining historical snapshots would involve manually pulling data and creating custom reports. To overcome this challenge, the pipeline stage report comes to the rescue. It allows you to examine the progress of deals, providing insights into the number of deals and their values across various stages. This information facilitates tracking changes week over week, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of pipeline growth, progress, or shrinkage. Such insights are invaluable for finance teams and sales leaders seeking to forecast performance based on the most recent data in their pipeline


Saving and Customizing Reports: The historical snapshots report can be saved as a chart or a table. When using the table format, you can focus on one pipeline at a time. Currently, the available filters include teams and reps, with limited cross-object filtering options. However, for deeper analysis and cross-referencing, it is possible to export the report data to a Google spreadsheet. By publishing and embedding this customized report within your dashboard, you can manipulate and compare the numbers with other information, gaining further insights to support your forecasting efforts.


Unleashing Sales Potential: Maximizing Success with HubSpot CRM Analytics


HubSpot CRM Analytics opens the door to a world of possibilities, offering robust tools that empower businesses to elevate their sales performance and revolutionize their forecasting capabilities. Within this powerful suite lies the hidden gem of sales historical snapshots, a feature that allows teams to gain deep insights into deal progression, monitor pipeline growth trends, and make decisions based on concrete data. 

The flexibility to save and customize reports further amplifies the potential of HubSpot CRM Analytics, while the option to leverage external tools for in-depth analysis takes your sales analytics to new heights. Embrace these game-changing tools, delve into their rich features, and unlock the wealth of insights they offer. Let them guide you towards achieving exceptional sales outcomes and optimizing your forecasting processes. 

It's time to seize the reins of success and embark on a transformative journey powered by HubSpot CRM Analytics.

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