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May 14,2024
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The Power of HubSpot's Advanced Customer Support Features

Struggling to provide top-notch customer support as expectations rise? Customers want faster and more personalized service, and support teams need better tools to meet these expectations.


HubSpot has helpful features like chat flows, live chat, and a knowledge base. These can help your support team have seamless conversations, provide instant responses, and empower customer self-service.


Keep reading to find out how HubSpot's advanced native features enable efficient workflows, enhance the customer experience, and allow support teams to work smarter.


HubSpot’s Built-In Tools for Your Support Team




As businesses grow, keeping up with customer support requests gets trickier without the right software.

HubSpot is an all-in-one platform that helps businesses attract visitors, convert leads, and provide stellar customer service.


While there are many customer relationship management (CRM) tools out there, not all may fit your specific business needs. HubSpot stands out by offering built-in support tools:


1. Chat Flows

Chat flows are interactive conversational guides that can walk customers through scenarios and questions. Think of them as a virtual assistant or chatbot that asks questions and provides relevant responses.


Rather than typing out the same responses repeatedly, you can set up chat flow templates to ask qualifying questions and provide answers tailored to each customer's needs. 


For example, an e-commerce business could use a chat flow to help customers troubleshoot a return or find the right product.


The chatbot can ask questions like "What product are you looking to return?" Based on the responses, it can provide the appropriate return instructions.




2. Live Chat

Live chat lets your support team have real-time text conversations to instantly assist website visitors. No more frustrating phone trees—customers can get help with a click. 


Your team can handle multiple chats at once and transfer conversations if needed. A software company could use live chat to answer pre-sales questions and provide technical support.


Let's say a customer visits your website looking to purchase your project management software. With live chat, they can quickly connect with a sales rep to ask questions about pricing, features, or get a product demo right then and there.


3. Knowledge Base Integration

A knowledge base is an online library of articles, guides, FAQs, and other resources where customers can find answers themselves. 


With HubSpot's knowledge base integration, this self-service information seamlessly connects to your other support channels. If a chat doesn't resolve an issue, your team can easily search and share relevant knowledge-base articles. 


For instance, a SaaS company could create tutorials customers can reference at any time. They can simply search the knowledge base for a problem they’ve encountered and find instant answers.




How HubSpot’s Built-In Tools Enhance Efficiency

When multiple tools work seamlessly together, it makes your support team's job easier and more efficient. Let's discuss how HubSpot's native features integrate to streamline workflows and empower customers and teams alike.


Seamless Integration for Streamlined Workflows

With all the built-in tools being part of the same HubSpot platform, they integrate and talk to each other effortlessly. This means no disjointed apps or fragmented data. 


Let's say a customer initiates a chat flow because they are having an issue logging into your app. The chat flow could first ask some qualifying questions to understand the specific error or problem they are encountering.


Based on their responses, the chat flow could then automatically surface relevant knowledge base articles with troubleshooting steps or FAQ content around that login issue. The customer may be able to resolve the problem independently right then and there.


Empowering Teams with Efficient Self-Service Tools

67% of customers prefer self-service over speaking to a support agent when possible. HubSpot's knowledge base integration provides an effortless way to improve that self-service experience. 


You can make up-to-date self-help articles that’s available for your customers. It empowers them to find answers independently while reducing strain on your support team. 


Going back to the earlier example of the customer with a login issue, if the suggested articles don't fully solve their problem, the chat flow can then escalate the conversation to a live agent. 


All the context and details the customer already provided about their issue would automatically pass over to the agent screen as well.


The support agent can instantly pick up where the chat flow left off, without the customer having to waste time re-explaining everything. The agent has the full history and can focus on providing a personalized solution.


Time and Resource Efficiency

Efficient workflows and self-service tools translate to huge time and cost savings. With features like chat flows, your team avoids repeating the same responses over and over. They can use tailored flows to quickly resolve common inquiries. 


A well-built knowledge base resolves tickets before they're even submitted. Your support agents can then spend more time on complex, high-value activities rather than performing basic tasks an interactive tool could handle. You boost productivity while keeping support costs down.


Benefits for Customer Support Teams



Providing top-notch customer service is a competitive advantage, but it can be challenging for teams to keep up. HubSpot's native support tools help teams be more responsive, accessible, and engaging—ultimately leading to happier customers.


Here are three benefits of using HubSpot: 


Improved Response Times with Live Chat

When customers need help, they want it fast. Live chat directly addresses this need for immediacy by allowing support teams to provide near real-time assistance right on a company's website or app.


According to Zendesk data, customer satisfaction for live chat (85%) is second only to phone support (91%). 

Even better, the average wait time for a live chat is just 46 seconds! This immediacy matters. 73% of customers say valuing their time is the most important thing for good service.


Knowledge Base as a Hub for Information Accessibility

While customers crave rapid responses, their first preference is often to find answers themselves if possible. 

90% of customers want an "immediate" response when they have a question. This expectation is easily resolved by a knowledge base that provides 24/7 self-service access. 


The consequences of not meeting this need are severe. 53% of online purchasers will straight up abandon their cart if they can't quickly find an answer. 


The good news is 91% would happily use a knowledge base suited to their needs. Building this central information hub lets you make resources easily accessible.


Chat Flows for Guided Customer Interactions

Even with self-service options, there are inevitably scenarios where customers need personalized assistance. This is where engaging chat flow conversations shine by providing an interactive yet low-effort experience tailored to each visitor's needs.


Engaging chat flows enhance the customer experience through guided, conversational interactions. 68% of consumers appreciate that chatbots provide quick answers to common questions. 


As the technology improves, with 72% of service leaders indicating rising quality, chat flows satisfy the need for fast, personalized support.


Real-World Examples and Success Stories

HubSpot's advanced customer service tools have helped businesses across industries elevate their support experience. Let's look at a couple of real-world examples showcasing the measurable impact.



Lyte is a technology platform that enables venues and event organizers to take control of their ticketing experience. To efficiently scale their business, Lyte implemented the full HubSpot CRM platform.


In just 18 months after making the switch, Lyte streamlined operations, built more aligned teams, and significantly improved customer service metrics:

  • 10 percentage point increase in first contact resolutions
  • 32 percentage point decrease in reopened tickets
  • Reduced monthly customer churn rate to just 3%

They created events as custom objects in HubSpot, so every department could see where they fit into the lifecycle process.


They also leveraged HubSpot's ticketing system and automation capabilities. This let them automate routine support workflows and provided a single source for agents to view customer information.



Swapfiets is the world's first "bicycle as a service" company operating across Europe. With over 280,000 members, their 135 agents receive 40,000+ support tickets monthly.


Previously bogged down by legacy systems like Zendesk, Swapfiets needed to modernize to handle increasing scale and complexity. They turned to HubSpot's Service Hub, implementing it within just four months.

Swapfiets took advantage of the unified Service Hub to consolidate all member interactions and data into one place. Ticketing, call records, chat transcripts—everything was fully integrated.


Agents could instantly pull up a complete timeline of each member's past engagements and service history using the Conversations Inbox. This 360-degree view enabled faster and more personalized resolutions.

They also utilized HubSpot's native knowledge base tool to create a self-service library of articles and resources for members. This helped deflect tickets for common questions.


It’s Your Turn to See Results with HubSpot’s Advanced Tools

Businesses today should focus on giving excellent support to stay ahead. HubSpot's tools like chat flows, live chat, and knowledge base integration help support teams work smoother and faster, making customers happier.


These tools bring lots of benefits. Chat flows guide conversations and lessen work for agents, live chat helps agents provide quick, thoughtful service, and knowledge bases let customers help themselves. This means higher productivity at a low cost.


Real stories from companies like Lyte and Swapfiets show how HubSpot's tools make a big difference. These companies solved problems faster and decreased churn.


As businesses work to keep up with what customers want, using HubSpot's tools help them plan for the future and stay ahead of the competition.


Leverage HubSpot’s Advanced Tools with Origin 63

Our team of HubSpot experts will guide you through a seamless integration process, ensuring that your business harnesses the power of chat flows, live chat, and knowledge base integration to deliver exceptional support experiences. 

Partner with us and witness firsthand the transformative impact these native HubSpot features can have on your customer satisfaction, team efficiency, and overall business success.

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