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Origin 63
July 19,2023
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From Spreadsheets to Global CRM: Achieving Growth Through Sales Transformation

A global creative advertising agency that is known for its brand transformations and culturally-led marketing campaigns that combine entertainment and advertising was ready for serious process updates. Their sales teams are spread out globally and work with enterprise brands in every region of the world. 

Before implementing the HubSpot Sales Hub, the company faced key challenges that impacted their operations and growth. Guided by Origin 63 experts, the Sales Hub Implementation helped address these challenges and provided significant improvements to their sales processes and organizational efficiency. As a result, the global agency experienced several positive outcomes and benefits, including enhanced sales performance, improved customer relationships, and overall business growth.


Challenges of Scaling a Global Sales Team Prior to HubSpot


Complex Sales Operations: The client operated using Google Sheets, which made managing their complex sales ops and delivery team lead routing setup challenging. The absence of a customer relationship management (CRM) system made it difficult to handle their operations effectively, and the teams were really relying on their personal relationships and individual knowledge to help carry a sale or a re-engagement through to signing 

Lack of Cross-Team Visibility: Teams had no cross-team visibility, leading to reliance on email and Slack messages to progress deals through the sales pipeline. This hindered collaboration and coordination among teams and didn’t allow for the efficiency required to manage large (and global) deals through contract close.

Time-consuming Reporting: Weekly reporting for sales investments and return on those investments required hours or even days to provide the necessary context. This delayed decision-making and leadership reporting. Forecasting in real-time was impossible to achieve as information changed faster than the team was able to manipulate reports in their spreadsheets. 


Implementation of HubSpot Sales Hub with Origin 63


To address these challenges, the client's operations and sales teams collaborated with Origin 63 and implemented the HubSpot Sales Hub. Origin 63 conducted an in-depth discovery process to understand their business, processes, and the people involved. This resulted in a strategy that streamlined their sales process. The following features and capabilities were implemented to improve their sales processes and efficiency:

Custom Job Function Setup: A custom job function setup was created, enabling the team to prospect effectively at scale. This streamlined their sales operations and improved productivity.

Regional and Global Sales Team Cohesion: Measures were implemented to ensure regional and global sales team cohesion and routing, facilitating a seamless transition from prospect introduction to closed won deals. This enhanced collaboration and coordination among teams.

Customized Sales Pipelines: Customized sales pipelines were developed for global teams, providing clear visibility and standardized processes. This improved efficiency and ensured consistency across different regions.

Rep and Leadership Reporting: Reporting capabilities were enhanced to capture team performance, deal stages, forecasted revenue, and ROI of sales investments. This enabled better decision-making and supported leadership reporting on sales investments and results.

CRM Implementation: Transitioning from Google Sheets to the HubSpot CRM provided cross-functional visibility throughout the sales process. It facilitated a smooth handoff from client introduction to sales pitch and closed-won accounts.

Sales Tools and Automation: Utilizing sales tools and automation helped streamline the prospecting process, enabling the globally-dispersed team to scale its processes and grow revenue. This reduced the human capital required for coordination and communication.


Outcomes and Benefits of Implementing HubSpot Sales Hub


The implementation of the HubSpot Sales Hub resulted in numerous positive outcomes and benefits:

Streamlined RFP Process: The client's sales team and creative team undergo a rigorous RFP process for most  new accounts. The implementation of the HubSpot Sales Hub facilitated the customization of closed won/closed lost reasons in global sales pipelines. This allowed smarter decision-making regarding which business opportunities to pursue and where to invest their energy and resources.

RevOps Process for RFPs: A Revenue Operations (RevOps) process was established for the RFP process, ensuring dedicated resourcing for pitches and a seamless customer experience. This optimized their RFP process and increased the chances of winning new accounts.

Improved Sales Performance: With the HubSpot Sales Hub, the client experienced enhanced sales performance. The streamlined sales processes, improved visibility, and automation allowed sales teams to work more efficiently. Resulting in increased productivity and revenue generation.

Enhanced Customer Relationships: The HubSpot Sales Hub facilitated better customer relationship management. With improved visibility into shared prospecting funnels, teams could provide timely updates and share feedback, leading to stronger client relationships and improved customer satisfaction.

Time and Resource Savings: The implementation of the HubSpot Sales Hub significantly reduced the time spent on reporting. Weekly reporting that used to take hours or days could now be completed more efficiently. The automation and streamlined processes also reduced the need for manual coordination, freeing up resources for more valuable tasks.

Informed Decision-Making: The improved reporting and analytics capabilities provided valuable insights into team performance, deal stages, and ROI of sales investments. This enabled data-driven decision-making, allowing the company's leadership team to make more informed choices regarding their sales strategies and resource allocation.

By implementing the HubSpot Sales Hub and partnering with Origin 63, this global agency was able to overcome the challenges they faced in their sales operations. The solution provided customized features, improved visibility, streamlined processes, and enhanced reporting capabilities. These improvements led to increased sales performance, stronger customer relationships, and overall business growth. The successful implementation of the HubSpot Sales Hub enabled their team to optimize the sales processes and position themselves for continued success in the competitive advertising industry.


How does Origin 63 help you harness the power of HubSpot Sales Hub?

Through a partnership with Origin 63, businesses can access a comprehensive range of services meticulously crafted to maximize the capabilities of HubSpot Sales Hub. Similar to their approach with this global sales team, Origin 63 invests the time and effort to comprehend the distinctive needs and processes of each business. This enables them to develop personalized strategies that align precisely with the organization's objectives and aspirations. 

For expert change management guidance and to optimize your sales operations, reach out to Origin 63 for a tailored consultation and unlock your untapped potential. Rely on us to drive enhanced performance and satisfaction, propelling your business towards greater success.


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