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Scalable Enterprise B2B Commerce Experience with HubSpot
Origin 63
June 27,2023
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How Skyline Exhibits Combined HubSpot CMS, Marketing Hub and Dynamics to Scale Commerce

As the trade show industry rebounds from COVID-19, Skyline Exhibits saw dramatically increased demand for their high-end displays. 

At the same time, Skyline was in the midst of a significant business model pivot from distributor-based to direct-to-consumer. One big obstacle stood in their way: Skyline’s website was outdated and impossible for the internal team to manage – creating severe challenges for the business. 

So they turned to Origin 63 for help. Our solutions gave Skyline Exhibits a modernized website that the client called “head over heels better than before,” and built a foundation for long-term growth. 


The End Results:

  • 150% increase in Leads from Organic Search
  • 67% increase in Website Lead Conversion
  • 65% more Website Traffic overall 


The Challenge: Obsolete and Outdated Web Presence


As Skyline Exhibits navigated the dual challenges of rapid growth and a new business model, one major hurdle stood in its way – its website.

As the team mapped out a path to revamping the outdated site, they identified several critical issues:

  • Poor user experience: Each page contained excessive and convoluted information, making it challenging for customers to find product information
  • Confusing structure: Every product contained several layers of drop-down menus, making it tough to navigate throughout the site
  • Audience mismatch: The previous website’s content was targeted to distributors, which didn’t speak to the new direct-to-consumer business model

In identifying these issues, the Skyline team uncovered the most significant obstacle of them all. Their custom WordPress site was impossible to update. As the company continues to experience rapid growth and navigate to a new business model, the ability to make quick updates without having to call in a developer was non-negotiable. 

The next step was clear: Skyline needed to completely tear down the website and rebuild from the ground up. 


The Solution: HubSpot CMS with HubDB + ERP Integration + Marketing Hub Campaigns


Despite significant challenges, HubSpot had solutions. With Origin 63’s expertise, Skyline Exhibits got a modernized website targeted to their new audience – and could be managed internally by their team. 


Here’s how we did it:


User-Friendly New Site Architecture

Origin 63 worked closely with the Skyline Exhibits team to develop a new website architecture. 

Together, we outlined website goals. From here, we strategized how to create a website containing comprehensive product information that appealed to their new audience. 

Next, we created an entirely new navigation structure. Our website developers and UX designers brought additional expertise to bring our shared vision to life, while the Skyline marketing team designed a beautiful website to uplift the corporate brand.


Customizable HubSpot Templates 

We created custom templates and modular design elements with HubSpot CMS for the first step of the creation phase. Our goal was to build a foundation the Skyline team could easily change as business needs dictate.

We created six page templates to cover the main areas of the website, including the homepage, product pages, blog pages, careers page, and blog archive. In addition, we built modules the Skyline team could use to customize existing pages easily – or create new ones. 

To polish it off, we created global headers, footers, and navigation on every page for a consistent look and feel. 


HubDB Dynamic Content

To transform a wealth of information into digestible details, we created dynamic content across Skyline’s website using HubDB.

To help customers find booth rental materials available in their area, we created a page that serves dynamic content based on their location. When a customer types in their ZIP code or city, it searches a HubDB table with all the information. Only the most relevant results appear in the results.

We also used HubDB to create a product comparison page. As customers choose between several options for booth furnishings, they can select their top choices. Then, they can review a dynamically displayed comparison table.

In addition to an improved user experience, we used HubDB capabilities to speed up the creation of new product pages. Previously, adding products to their catalog meant creating an entirely new landing page from scratch. Now, all the team has to do is add details in a new row on the HubDB table, and HubSpot automatically creates a new landing page. 

The new ability to create isolated product pages not only provides a better experience for Skyline’s customers, but also fulfills a long-running wishlist item. 

“One of our board members has been asking for isolated product info and product pages for a long time,” the client said. “You guys nailed that!”


Integrating ERP Sales within the UX

One of the innovative features of the website is its unique B2B shopping experience. While browsing the site catalog and the inspiration gallery, customers can favorite and compare booth options. With a click of a button, shoppers can then send an inquiry regarding their favorited option to Sales to gather more information. 


Because the Skyline sales process involves customization (booth design), the communication between a customer and a sales rep is a crucial step in the process. While the form connects into HubSpot to enable marketing insights, such as conversions by page, the inquiry also passes directly into their ERP, Microsoft Dynamics. This enables a seamless pass through of lead information to sales, while powering the experience via the HubSpot CMS. 


Connecting Marketing Campaigns with the CMS

Once leads are captured into the system, Skyline's marketing team can now retarget them with relevant campaigns. For instance, email marketing campaigns are sent to a segment of the database, pushing them to landing pages (with the same look and feel as the website) to offer more information and relevant content.  


By being able to connect marketing signals with website behavior, and track a contact from generation to a sales conversation, the marketing team is now able to truly quantify the effect of its marketing campaigns and website to closed revenue -- something that was nearly impossible with the previous systems in place. 


A Smooth Transition

Finally, as part of Origin 63’s dedication to providing world-class services, we made the entire process easy for the Skyline team to manage. Our team took on the complex and time-consuming work of migrating the existing pages to the new website, testing for bugs, and final quality assurance. 

We also provided the training and expertise to empower the Skyline team to manage the website independently.


The Result: A Foundation for Sustainable Growth


By combining the intuitive nature of HubSpot CMS and the dynamic content capabilities of HubDB with Origin 63’s expertise, Skyline Exhibits has set the foundation for sustainable growth.


For their customers, a new website provides:

  • A more robust user experience
  • Easy access to product information
  • Content customized to the consumer

For the Skyline team, HubSpot’s intuitive CRM makes creating new webpages and updating existing ones a breeze. HubSpot’s modular format also makes it easy to drag, drop and customize their pages. And the team can quickly spin up new product pages with HubDB. 


The Impact:

Since launching HubSpot: 

  • 150% increase in Leads from Organic Search
  • 67% increase in Website Lead Conversion
  • 65% more Website Traffic overall 

For Skyline Exhibits, building a new website saved the team countless hours by switching to an easy-to-update CRM. By getting rid of the overly complicated custom WordPress site, they gained the ability to fully manage their website in-house. 

Skyline also found a long-term partner for continued growth. 

In the future, Origin 63 will continue adding increased functionality across the website. Skyline and Origin 63 are also consolidating their tech stack into HubSpot to create a single “source of truth” for their entire business. 


Why go O63
  • Elite HubSpot Solutions Partner
    Origin 63 ranks in the top 1% out of the 2,400+ HubSpot Partners in North America. Less than 9% of all HubSpot Partners globally achieve the HubSpot Partner “Elite” tier status.
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