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September 27,2022
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HubSpot Case Studies: How Live Furnish achieved sustainable growth

Live Furnish, a 3D content creation platform for designers, found their demand for their realistic 3D image renderings growing too fast for their team to keep up operationally. And as their customer base grew, so did the disconnects between marketing, sales, and customer success. 


The inside sales team didn’t know which opportunities actually closed. The customer success team couldn’t keep up with requests. The marketing leader and team had little information on where leads were coming from — and couldn’t interpret inconsistent and unorganized data.


Although Live Furnish is a Hubspot customer, they didn’t have the knowledge or bandwidth to uncover how the HubSpot CRM suite could solve their growing pains. Then, Origin 63 through its HubSpot technical consulting services, came to the rescue.


Origin 63’s HubSpot Consultant was brought in to optimize their Hubspot marketing, sales, and service hubs, and to provide personalized training to the Live Furnish team—a team fanned out across multiple countries in different time zones in the U.S., Canada, and India.


Live Furnish now benefits from CRM automation removing the manual processes the team had previously relied on. Their team connected more smartly, leading to a significant improvement in the delivery of a winning customer experience. Moreover, Live Furnish now has CRM analytics visibility in order to trace the customer journey from a lead source to sales outcome and service.


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The Challenges: Lack of Visibility From Inconsistent Processes and Messy Data


As Live Furnish saw a sharp increase in demand for new renderings, the company was ready to build a robust infrastructure for its marketing and sales teams inside its existing Hubspot platform.


A slew of manual processes overwhelmed their small team with busy work, eroding the time they could have spent on key strategic initiatives.


Focused on a few underlying challenges to unify their team and set the foundation for sustainable growth, Origin 63, one of the top HubSpot agencies enabled its team to implement a CRM strategy and virtually eliminate busy work.


Email Marketing Ban


Live Furnish had previously used Hubspot to send cold outbound emails, a practice which is not allowed according to HubSpot’s platform’s user agreement. These actions lead to a total ban on email marketing using their HubSpot platform.


With this major marketing channel choked off, Live Furnish struggled to connect with their clients and new leads. In addition, the lack of email meant they had no CRM data or reporting to make critical business decisions.


Unclear Reporting


In addition to the lack of contact reporting, the Live Furnish team also was not using lifecycle stages or lead statuses. 


Duplicate and inconsistent deal stages meant the team struggled to understand the actual quality of their pipeline. Deals that had stalled out years ago remained in the pipeline.


Because Live Furnish was missing critical information for pipeline reporting, there was zero visibility into where leads came from, which prospects and deals were viable opportunities, and what revenue they could expect to generate in a specific time period.


Service Struggles


When a customer reached out to Live Furnish for help with their renderings, a Live Furnish support staff member receiving the request posted the renderings to Slack. Then, a second support staff member would fix it and provide updates when ready.


While this manual process worked when Live Furnish was a smaller company, it became challenging as the brand grew into a budding solution for 3D content creation.


The time spent shuffling updates through Slack made it impossible for the rep to get any other work done. And the ephemeral nature of Slack meant there were no tickets, no tracking, no idea of how long the request would take to resolve, and most notably, no follow-up with the client. 


All requests fell into the abyss before resurfacing as complete at some point in the future. 


HubSpot benefits: Leveraging Automations for Customer and Team Success


Automated workflows were identified as an overarching opportunity to solve each of these challenges. With Origin 63’s expertise, the Live Furnish team gained more time to focus on high-value activities that improve the customer experience and increase revenue, instead of being anchored to the ocean floor with busy work.


Here’s how we did it:


A Fresh Start With Email Marketing


Live Furnish had tried to fix their Hubspot email ban without success. Origin 63 was able to succeed by taking a few steps:


  • An email validation tool was used to identify all the bad emails inside their database.

  • The list of bad emails was unsubscribed from email communications. Removing these contacts from the mailing list dramatically lowered the high bounce rate to fit within Hubspot’s standards.

  • We leveraged our Diamond Partner relationship with Hubspot to work with the company and bring Live Furnish’s account to their standards.

World-Class Customer Service Solutions


To save the customer success team’s sanity, we put an end to Slack messages and set up Hubspot to handle the increasing volume of requests. 


We implemented ticketing and tracking, so the entire Live Furnish team has the ability to trace requests — and keep customers updated. Then, a live chat was set up that connected customers and Live Furnish support to provide answers to one-off questions without triggering the ticketing process, decreasing the number of tickets created on a daily basis.


Origin 63’s team helped Live Furnish to create a “knowledge base”—an area of the website where customers can self-service based on a library of helpful content focused on answering frequently asked questions.


Sales Success


For visibility into the sales process, we cleaned up their Hubspot pipeline. 


By way of streamlining workflows and implementing automation, we made it possible for everyone on the Live Furnish team to find the current deal status quickly—and automatically move deals forward in the pipeline when specific actions occurred. 


Origin 63’s team removed and archived inactive deals, enabling the sales team to see only active deals in the pipeline.


Tailored Training


Similar to all of our engagements, we provided in-depth and personalized training to the Live Furnish team so they could get the most out of their Hubspot investment.


The Origin 63 team taught them to use Hubspot in ways that made their jobs easier. For example, they learned how to use automation, create deals automatically, and track lead sources to understand their most profitable activities.


The Result: A Foundation for Sustainable Growth


By leveraging Hubspot as their base of operations, Live Furnish set the foundation for solid, sustainable growth. Through implementing automation and standardization to eliminate manual processes, Origin 63 gave Live Furnish the tools to:


  • Focus on their most profitable leads through implementing tracking from marketing source to sales outcome.

  • Measure the success of their marketing activities with data segmentation and reporting dashboards.

  • Keep leads from falling through the cracks and increase their closed-won rate by creating a clean and timely handoff from marketing to sales.

  • Understand lead quality by establishing a sales-to-marketing feedback loop.


Transform Your Revenue Operations With Origin 63 + Hubspot


With the help of Origin 63 and their hands-on, high-touch, highly customizable solutions for Hubspot, Live Furnish completely transformed its marketing, sales, and customer success operations – and set the stage for sustainable growth. 


Origin 63 uses its proven process to get to the heart of your challenges, create and build the plan to accomplish your goals, and provide proactive support every step of the way.


The bottom line? We eliminate technical barriers that keep teams from being efficient and effective at scale, so revenue leaders can achieve more and spend less time on busy work.


Get in touch to speak directly with one of our certified Hubspot experts, and see how we can help your team.



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