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Why Customer Service in the Digital World Matters
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January 12,2024

Why Customer Service in the Digital World Matters

The modern consumer is so empowered in the digital world, that products and services have become replaceable for them. They have higher expectations and more choices. They no longer stick with a brand because of the products or prices alone. Today, their loyalty is tied to the quality of customer service they get. 


For companies, providing exceptional online service boosts satisfaction and encourages repeat purchases. Positive experiences create loyal customers who recommend your brand to others. Conversely, poor or slow service damages your reputation as negative reviews spread quickly across the internet.


Here, we’ll discuss the importance of prompt and useful online services. We’ll explain how this affects customer satisfaction, commitment, and the company's reputation. Lastly, we'll see some real-life examples of companies doing it right.


Why Digital Channels Need Good Customer Service


The internet lets companies connect with customers in new ways - through email, websites, live chat, etc. From product promotion to customer service, businesses have moved their processes to online channels.

These channels make good customer service a more urgent necessity than ever before. Here are some reasons why:


1. Customers Have Higher Expectations


Why Customer Service in the Digital World Matters, Customers Have Higher Expectations


Today's consumers expect quick and efficient responses no matter the time. Whether via email, social media, live chat, or any other digital platform, they need their concerns addressed quickly. They don't have the patience for slow service and long wait times.

Customers also value personalized connections when engaging digitally. Generic, automated responses no longer cut it. They expect services tailored to their specific needs.

Other customer expectations include:


  • Service across more channels.
  • Self-service options, like detailed FAQs and help centers, so that they can find information independently.
  • 24/7 service availability.  


2. Digital Channels Increase Transparency


Social media creates new transparency around customer service experiences. Customers often post publicly on platforms like Twitter and Facebook when they have issues or complaints. This immediately exposes poor service or failures for everyone to see. 

Even a single negative post can spread widely, shaping perceptions of a brand's service quality. On the flip side, excellent service gains positive visibility, too. However, social media's transparency means brands can no longer hide service shortcomings. 


Customers will see and judge for themselves how issues get handled. This accountability and scrutiny keeps the focus on providing responsive, seamless customer service in the digital age.


3. Competition


With so many options at their fingertips, customers today have little hesitation in abandoning brands that don't meet their service expectations. They are more likely to leave and find better alternatives than dealing with bad service.


This makes delivering strong, responsive customer service critical for retaining customers and earning loyalty in the digital marketplace. Brands that consistently go above and beyond to resolve issues and satisfy customers will build devotion. When service is lacking, customers will churn without a second thought. 


The Impacts of Good Customer Service


Why Customer Service in the Digital World Matters, The Impacts of Good Customer Service


Customer service excellence is no longer optional. Instead, it's imperative for business success. Delivering exceptional service through digital channels directly impacts customer satisfaction, loyalty, and brand reputation. Here’s how:


Customer Satisfaction


Customer satisfaction measures how well a company’s products, services, and overall customer experience meet customer expectations. It shows how well your products or services resonate with buyers.

Positive customer service interactions are essential for driving high satisfaction levels. Customers feel cared for and happy with a brand when problems are resolved quickly, conveniently, and effectively.


Customer Loyalty


Customers who enjoy stellar service are extremely loyal to a brand. Customers getting outstanding service builds real trust and connection with the brand. 

Research shows that around 96% of customers say good service is a big reason they'll keep buying from a company. They feel valued, so they go out of their way to keep purchasing.

Loyal customers turn into true advocates, too. They happily recommend the brand to all their friends and rave about it online after a great experience. In fact, statistics show that 77% of customers would tell others to use a brand that gave them exceptional service.


Brand Reputation


Customer service has a very public impact on reputation. One negative experience can spread quickly online, damaging the perception of a brand's service. 

When a brand regularly delights customers, they'll get lots of positive word-of-mouth, recommendations, and reviews.

Studies show that 53% of americans would post great things online after a wonderful service experience. But bad service has the opposite effect — around 35% would share negative feedback on social media.


Good Customer Service Examples


The impacts of customer service present growth opportunities for your business but also introduce a challenge. 

You don’t decide whether you provide good customer service — your customers hold that judgment. So, what does exemplary customer service look like in the customer’s eyes?

Let’s delve into customers’ stories about how these brands nailed quality customer service.


1. Chewy


Why Customer Service in the Digital World Matters, Chewy



The online pet product retailer Chewy went above and beyond for a customer named Anna Brose, who contacted them after her dog died. Anna wanted to return an unopened bag of dog food. Not only did Chewy issue a full refund, but they also had flowers delivered to Anna.

This story went viral on Twitter, racking up over 600,000 likes. Many others shared stories of Chewy's exceptional service during difficult pet losses. Chewy’s personalized care and empathy build tremendous customer loyalty and affinity.

The viral buzz generated immense positive word-of-mouth for Chewy. People were convinced to start shopping with Chewy after seeing their customer care in action. Their exceptional service also enhanced their brand reputation and trust.


2. Southwest Air


When bridesmaid Taylor Kenney forgot her dress for a Costa Rica wedding at home in Houston, she tweeted Southwest Airlines asking for help getting it shipped. Southwest began coordinating delivery and transport to ensure the dress arrived on time while keeping Taylor and their followers updated.

This story went viral as people loved Southwest's exceptional service in resolving the problem and saving the wedding. It gained them huge positive publicity. Southwest earned immense goodwill, positive publicity, and a reputation boost from quickly and effectively resolving the problem. 

Ultimately, Southwest leveraged this feel-good story to generate immense value for their brand through heightened sentiment, affinity, and media coverage - impacts money can't buy.


3. Target


A young man went to Target seeking clip-on ties for a job interview at Chick-fil-A. Though Target didn't carry them, employees Cathy Scott and Dennis Roberts stepped in to help. They tied a regular tie for him, helped him tuck in his shirt, provided interview tips, and had him practice handshakes.

Their exceptional service gained positive media coverage, highlighting their customer care. It boosted their reputation and reinforced their brand identity. The employees' thoughtful assistance generated immense goodwill and brand lift for Target.


4. Zappos


Why Customer Service in the Digital World Matters, Zappos


The retailer Zappos broke the record for the longest customer service call at over 10 hours! They just wanted to help a person learn about living in Vegas. It demonstrates Zappos' commitment to go the extra mile for customer happiness.

Zappos builds trust and loyalty through service calls like this. Customers know they'll get caring support no matter what. These exceptional experiences drive positive word-of-mouth and brand affinity. Customers enthusiastically recommend Zappos.




The bottom line? Customer service excellence must be a top priority. It’s especially true for today’s digital landscape, where consumers expect highly responsive, personalized support across all channels at all times. 

Meeting these high expectations is now table stakes, directly impacting satisfaction, loyalty, and reputation.
Companies who empower employees to deliver empathetic, human connections will see the benefits. In contrast, mediocre service risks reputational damage in an era of complete transparency. 

Customers cherish brands who care. Make each customer feel valued, and your business can thrive!

For more tips on improving your digital customer service, see our articles on enhancing customer service with HubSpot tools or contact us.



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