6 Unexpected Rewards of Great Service

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Samantha Anderson
March 5,2024
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6 Benefits of Excellent Service Beyond Customer Satisfaction

We know that excellent customer service directly leads to satisfied customers. But beyond this immediate outcome, it has many other far-reaching benefits that businesses often overlook. 


Exceptional service can help build a strong brand reputation, keep customers loyal, and give you an edge over competitors. Its ripple effects spread throughout an entire organization’s processes.


This blog post discusses six critical advantages of consistently delivering outstanding customer service. You'll see real examples of how fantastic service can increase revenue, improve your brand value, and turn customers into influential marketers for your business.


6 Benefits of Excellent Service


Providing outstanding service requires putting the customer first in everything you do. It means empowering every employee to prioritize creating memorable "wow" moments. It involves using the right tools and efficient processes to personalize service and respond quickly.


Companies that fully commit themselves to service excellence across their culture, staffing, and operations can gain these six powerful advantages:


1. Boost Brand Reputation


6 Benefits of Excellent Service Beyond Customer Satisfaction, Boost Brand Reputation


We all remember those impressive moments when a company goes above and beyond. Like when an employee creatively solves a problem or treats you with incredible kindness.


Those experiences stick with us, shaping our perceptions of a brand. Consistently deliver that level of service, and customers see your business as professional, caring, and reliable. Your reputation precedes you.

Positive word spreads as delighted customers share online reviews and tell family and friends. Potential new customers take notice and are drawn to do business with a company known for fantastic service. 


First impressions matter – 66% of people consider a company’s customer service reputation before buying.


2. Foster Customer Loyalty


Businesses develop profound customer loyalty by repeatedly providing incredible service. People feel like you genuinely care about their experience.


That bond of trust built through great experiences keeps customers coming back again and again. They have no reason to go elsewhere when you always make them feel special.


Loyal customers become long-term revenue streams as they choose your business year after year. Their lifetime value becomes immense.


3. Turn Customers Into Advocates


When customers have an exceptionally positive experience, they can’t help but share the love. They become vocal brand champions, spreading the word both organically and online.


What surpasses advertising than a glowing recommendation from a trusted source?  92% of people trust personal recommendations over marketing hype. By delivering top-notch service, you amplify your message through customer advocates.


4. Gain Cross-Selling and Upselling Opportunities


Customers who receive fantastic service feel appreciated and valued by your business. You’ve built a relationship of trust.


That rapport makes customers more open to recommendations for complementary products or upgrades that enhance their experience. They know you have their best interests in mind.


Satisfied customers don’t ignore upsells – they listen because they trust your suggestions will add value. With noteworthy service underpinning the relationship, intelligent cross-selling and upselling become effortless.


5. Improve Marketing


6 Benefits of Excellent Service Beyond Customer Satisfaction, Improve Marketing


By prioritizing excellent customer service, businesses can gain powerful marketing tools and assets virtually for free — in the form of happy customers!


When customers have a remarkable experience, they naturally want to share it with others and become vocal advocates for that brand through online reviews, social media posts, and enthusiastic word-of-mouth recommendations.


This authentic, positive promotion from real customers holds far more credibility and influence than anything companies could create through paid marketing.


Additionally, these passionate advocates become a source of compelling testimonials, case studies, and other marketing content that showcases the brand's value in a much more relatable, trustworthy way.

So, rather than just burning cash on disruptive ads, companies can tap into their customer base as a marketing force that attracts new business through relatable, credible stories of positive experiences.


6. Increase Revenue


Every business aims to drive more revenue and profits. Luckily, providing amazing customer experiences offers multiple avenues to grow the bottom line.


For one, customers who consistently receive great service become loyal fans. They're far more likely to make repeat purchases, driving up lifetime value substantially.


But outstanding service also makes each transaction more lucrative. Delighted customers are more open to complementary upsells or premium upgrades. 


So, you get more transactions from repeat business and increase the revenue potential of every single interaction. It's exponential growth!


4 Companies Experience the Unexpected Perks of Amazing Service


These real examples showcase creative problem solving and extraordinary effort resulting in tangible benefits — from brand love and referrals to new revenue opportunities. It pays to be customer-obsessed!


Zappos Surprises Traveler


In 2009, a traveler arrived at her Las Vegas hotel only to realize she left her favorite Zappos shoes at home. Although sold out online, Zappos reps tracked the kicks down at a local mall, purchased them, and hand-delivered the shoes to the guest's room — free of charge!


Zappos impressed this customer by fixing her fashion crisis in a personal way. The brand gained a devoted advocate who will share this story far and wide.


It shows how unconventional thinking and compassionate service can excite customers and ignite powerful word-of-mouth. Going the extra mile pays dividends in goodwill.


Trader Joe’s Snowstorm Delivery


6 Benefits of Excellent Service Beyond Customer Satisfaction, Trader Joe’s Snowstorm Delivery


During a severe snowstorm, an elderly Pennsylvania man was homebound and running low on groceries. His concerned daughter failed to find a store that would deliver. As a last resort, she contacted Trader Joe's, not expecting much since they don't typically offer delivery.


But recognizing the unique circumstances, Trader Joe's happily agreed to personally deliver the man's groceries through the blizzard — free of charge! They also suggested options that fit his dietary needs.

This act of kindness and flexibility provided immediate relief to the customer and created a lifelong loyal customer for Trader Joe's. The story, shared widely, also generated positive brand exposure and goodwill.


The lesson? Showing empathy, adapting to unique customer needs, and prioritizing service over rigid policies can foster deep customer loyalty and positive brand associations.


Tesla’s App Update After Customer Feedback


A Tesla owner tweeted a lightbulb moment to Elon Musk — why not add a feature to automatically adjust the steering wheel and seat based on driver presets? 

Musk's swift 24-minute response saying the idea would come to life in a future software update, delighted the customer.


Once again, Tesla reacted with agility to user feedback and reinforced their reputation as an innovative, customer-centric brand. Their ability to rapidly implement suggestions through over-the-air updates gives Tesla a competitive edge in responding to evolving consumer needs.


This anecdote demonstrates the power of truly listening to your customers and taking action on their ideas. 

Brands that incorporate user input create responsive products, services, and experiences. They also forge stronger customer connections and position themselves as forward-thinking industry leaders.


Ritz-Carlton Goes the Extra Mile


A family staying at a Ritz-Carlton resort in Bali discovered their child's specialized food had spoiled. The hotel staff exhausted local options trying to find replacements. 


Then, the executive chef called his mother-in-law in Singapore as a last resort. Remarkably, she flew in the very next day with the needed items.


The Ritz-Carlton's extraordinary effort and willingness to take unconventional measures amazed and delighted the family. It exemplified the brand's legendary commitment to anticipating customer needs and delivering exceptional service.


Experiences like these create emotional connections and lifelong loyalty. They also generate powerful word-of-mouth — that family will likely tell this story for years.


For companies aiming to "wow" their customers, it shows the value of making customer satisfaction a unifying mission across the organization. Going above and beyond pays dividends in affinity and advocacy.


Reaping the Benefits of Outstanding Customer Service


The most successful companies recognize the immense impact of exceptional customer service. Beyond satisfaction, it unlocks loyalty, word-of-mouth advocacy, revenue opportunities, and competitive edges.


Businesses position themselves as industry leaders by making customer obsession a cultural priority – not just a slogan. They stand out from the competition and forge lasting relationships that drive growth and profitability.


It requires moving beyond good intentions. Companies must implement the tools, systems, and mindset needed to exceed expectations consistently.


When businesses invest in service excellence, the rewards follow. Their customers become their best marketers and most loyal fans.


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