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August 30,2023
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Transitioning from SFDC to HubSpot: B2B Software Company's Successful Leap

The B2B software enterprise, renowned for its expertise, stands out as a prominent provider of cutting-edge SaaS business automation solutions tailored specifically for the dynamic oil and gas sector. The company is PE-funded and has expanded through four strategic acquisitions. Their sales team is distributed regionally and vertically across the entire United States. 

This case study highlights their journey of migrating sales operations from Salesforce (SFDC) to HubSpot, guided by Origin 63 experts. The goal was to address operational challenges and enhance their sales processes and organizational efficiency.




The company encountered several challenges prior to implementing the HubSpot Marketing Hub and Sales Hub:

Board Concerns and Priority Shift: The board of directors expressed concerns about reporting and business operation visibility. Downward pressure on the B2B software market caused a shift in priorities, leading to timeline challenges.

Organizational Alignment and Growth: Rapid growth through acquisitions led to a situation where many new team members were unfamiliar with the company's ecosystem. This lack of organizational alignment resulted in confusion and hindered execution.

Historical Data and System Architecture: The platform shift from SFDC to HubSpot risked losing historical insights for sales and marketing. The re-definition of the system architecture, including lifecycle stages, presented challenges in tracking historical data accurately.


Learn how to make Marketing and Sales Teams work together in this article.




In order to tackle these obstacles head-on, the organization enlisted the expertise of Origin 63 and embraced a holistic change management strategy, transitioning from SFDC to HubSpot. Origin 63 undertook an extensive exploratory procedure to gain profound insights into their business operations, workflows, and the key stakeholders engaged in these processes. 


Assessment and Requirements Translation: Origin 63 experts engaged with the CMO and VP of Sales to understand the existing marketing and sales dynamics. They audited the current HubSpot ecosystem and translated SFDC requirements into HubSpot functionalities.

Board Alignment: To gain approval from the CEO and board of directors, the team demonstrated how HubSpot could address their concerns about visibility and reporting. A thorough analysis of SFDC reports was conducted, followed by a Proof of Concept demo showcasing HubSpot's capabilities.

Collaborative Process Building: The collaboration extended to team leaders from marketing and sales. They jointly designed and tested processes and data structures within HubSpot, ensuring alignment with each department's needs.

Pilot Testing: A pilot team was selected and trained to use the HubSpot platform. Feedback from the pilot team was used to fine-tune the platform for optimal performance.

Full Team Implementation: After calibration with the pilot team, the entire sales and marketing team was trained to use HubSpot. The go-live process was executed in a phased manner, ensuring smooth adoption.



The successful migration from SFDC to HubSpot yielded impressive results:


Record-Breaking Sales: Within three months of the launch, the company achieved a record-breaking $2 million in sales for December.

Increased Conversion Rate: The conversion rate from lead to opportunity saw a substantial 50% increase.

Deals Created: Deals created in Q4 increased by 16.4% compared to Q3, demonstrating improved sales pipeline performance.

Reduced Response Time: The average time it took for a representative to contact a lead decreased from 28 days in Q3 to just 6.8 days in Q4.


The successful migration from SFDC to HubSpot empowered the B2B software company to overcome its operational challenges and achieve significant improvements in its sales processes. By aligning organizational goals, leveraging collaborative process building, and adopting a comprehensive change management approach, the company not only retained historical data insights but also achieved remarkable growth in sales conversions, deals created, and response times. The case study underscores the value of strategic technology migration and effective change management in enhancing business outcomes.



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