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Samantha Anderson
February 27,2024
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The Impact of Customer Service on Brand Image

Customer service is more than just resolving customer issues. How your company interacts with customers and provides service shapes its image just as much as advertising or visual identity. 


Consumers are more connected online, and customer service experiences, both positive and negative, are easily spread. The reputation your service team cultivates can make or break brand loyalty.


In this post, we'll explore why customer service matters for branding, how your support team represents your brand identity, and statistics that quantify the impact of service on consumer behavior.


The Face of Your Brand: Customer Service Team


 Customer Service’s Impact on Brand Image, The Face of Your Brand: Customer Service Team

Customer service agents interact directly with customers daily, often more frequently than any other team. Their conduct and brand embodiment have a significant impact for two reasons:

1. They Directly Interact with Customers

While marketing may seem like the primary brand ambassador, customer service has more direct, personal customer interactions. 

They go beyond polished advertisements and social media — dealing firsthand with experiences, complaints, and questions.

Both marketing and customer service are essential, but they play different roles. Customer support interactions arguably have more power to shape a brand.

Why? Brand marketing content only presents the ideals a company wants to convey. 

However, customer service agents personalize and humanize your brand through real-time conversations. They demonstrate your values in action, not just words. While content draws customers in, service retains them.

Here’s a more detailed comparison of how marketing and direct interaction affect your brand image:

Social Media, Advertisements, and Content vs. Direct Customer Interaction



Social Media, Ads & Content Marketing

Direct Customer Service Interactions


Beautiful imagery, clever messaging, highlighted features

Personalized conversations, problem-solving, relationship-building

Brand Impression

May shape initial interest and awareness

Brings brand image to life through genuine relationships

Communication Flow

One-way broadcast messaging

Two-way dialogue tailored to individuals

Ability to Showcase Values

Can state company values and brand promises

Provides an opportunity to actively apply values in caring for each customer

Builds Trust

Potentially, if messaging aligns with actual customer experience

Customers trust brands more when employees deliver consistent, thoughtful service interactions

Long-Term Impact

Helps attract new customers

Retains existing customers through deeper connections

While content and social media are essential in brand awareness, direct customer service engagement transforms impersonal perceptions into intimate, lasting relationships with mutual trust.

2. They Have the Power to Shape First Impressions

Customer support often provides a new customer's initial brand encounter and first impression.

If this experience is slow, impersonal, or frustrating, it can immediately taint the customer’s perception of your brand before even using your product or service.

On the other hand, a helpful, empathetic support agent can drive immense goodwill and set the stage for an enjoyable customer lifecycle. 

That's why investing in support staffing and training is crucial — this team shapes opinions about your company from the start.


The Connection Between Customer Service and Brand Loyalty


Customer Service’s Impact on Brand Image, The Connection Between Customer Service and Brand Loyalty


There’s a clear connection between the quality of customer service interactions and longer-term brand loyalty. The data reveals this link in two ways:


1. Positive Customer Service Experiences and Customer Return Rates


Customer service experiences directly impact brand loyalty, influencing the likelihood of repeat purchases and referrals. Positive interactions can turn one-time buyers into lifelong devotees:

  • The possibility of a second purchase soars by nearly 90% when a consumer receives exceptional service on their first buy.
  • For almost 60% of people, a brand delivering excellent support is essential for them to feel loyal.
  • Over 70% of individuals end relationships with companies due to dissatisfaction with customer service.
  • Providing a fantastic service experience drives 78% of buyers to give a business second chances after mistakes.

2. Customer Service Reputation as a Purchase Decision Factor


Beyond driving repeat sales, a brand's customer service reputation actively influences purchase decisions:

  • Nearly 80% of consumers factor a brand's customer service reputation into their purchasing choices.
  • 66% of customers rank service track records as vital when evaluating a company.
  • Following a few poor service instances, 60% of customers will contemplate taking their business elsewhere.


Building Brand Image and Loyalty through Customer Service


Customer service is central to building an organization's reputation and cultivating brand advocates. But truly elevating service requires a strategy beyond resolving issues.


Here are three strategies to shape customer relationships that support a positive brand reputation:

1. Educate Your Customer Service Team in Branding


While marketing introduces customers to a brand, service teams foster relationships that keep customers returning. Support staff should be educated on brand values and empowered to represent them through compassionate, personalized interactions.


Hire support staff who align with your brand identity and goals. Then, create a training course that educates them on brand history, mission, personality, and how to reflect that in language choice and service standards.


2. Emphasize Consistency in Representing Brand Values




Inconsistency can slowly erode brand perception — one fantastic interaction followed by a disconnected experience leaves customers confused. 


Establish unified service standards, terminology, workflows, and emotional cues so each touchpoint strengthens clarity on your brand.


You can create an internal Knowledge Base resource compiling approved terminology, common phrases, and tones representing the brand. Agents can easily reference this resource whenever they need a refresher.


3. Invest in a Customer Service Team


Devoting resources to hiring, training, and empowering exceptional service teams strengthens brand health and loyalty. This investment in the customer experience pays dividends for shaping an emotional connection with customers that keeps them returning.


Financially invest in platforms, tools, and programs that facilitate stronger customer connections, such as CRM software, feedback surveys, customer analytics dashboards, etc.


The Role of Good Customer Service in Consumer Commitment


Customer service experiences directly impact consumer perceptions, engagement, and loyalty to a brand. Providing good service pays off in higher commitment.


Specifically, constructive interactions with a brand's support team make consumers more likely to have a favorable perception, recommend the brand, and make repeat purchases. 


Good service enhances emotional connection and creates loyal customers. These customers, in turn, directly impact your bottom line through consistent sales, referrals, reviews, and engagement.


Statistics on Consumer Views Regarding Good Customer Service


Survey data and research studies demonstrate the substantial impact of customer service excellence on brand affinity and willingness to pay more for quality support:


Loyalty takes time, but once you’ve successfully cultivated it, the payoff is enormous:


  • Most loyal buyers gradually develop an affinity for brands through accumulated great experiences over time. (InMoment)
  • Over 70% of devoted customers have maintained long-term relationships with preferred brands for 10+ years. (InMoment)
  • 80% of American consumers are satisfied with the customer service from companies they currently purchase from. (American Express)

Here’s how consumers see excellent customer service:


  • 82% of customers see an immediate response within 30 minutes as very important when they have questions. The number rises to 90% when it’s a support inquiry. (HubSpot)
  • Most American consumers (68%) say great service interactions are driven primarily by enjoyable experiences rather than speed (62%) or agent knowledge (42%). (HubSpot)

Investing in a Customer Service Team


Building an exceptional customer service team that represents your brand requires investment — but pays off exponentially in loyalty and revenue. Let’s talk about how you can create a better customer service team and how doing so can financially benefit you.


Strategies for Building a Customer Service Team that Enhances Brand Image


ustomer Service’s Impact on Brand Image, Strategies for Building a Customer Service Team that Enhances Brand Image


An exceptional customer service team directly shapes brand perceptions through every interaction. Thoughtful hiring, ongoing training, and instituting best practices ensure they consistently reinforce positive brand associations.


1. Hire for soft skills like communication, empathy, problem-solving


Look for candidates with natural emotional intelligence, warmth, patience, and a helpful attitude. These translate better to quality service than pure technical skills.

See how candidates personalize responses, demonstrate understanding of feelings, and clarify needs. This mindset can't be easily taught.


2. Maintain consistent branding across platforms like email, chat, social


Ensure language, tone, messaging, and knowledge are aligned so customers receive a unified brand experience.


For instance, compile brand vocabulary & tone guidelines. Ensure all agents use approved phrases aligning with brand traits like “friendly,” “helpful,” or “simple” so messaging sounds cohesive.


3. Gather feedback to understand customer needs and pain points


Check-in with customers to learn what matters. Adjust policies, workflows, and tools to better meet expectations.


For example, conduct quarterly customer surveys asking targeted questions to identify pain points. Then, review the results as a team and brainstorm how to address these issues.


4. Celebrate and encourage customer-focused service with incentives


Praise and reward teams for developing customer relationships and creatively solving issues. Encourage them to share best practices through meetings.


Highlight “Wins of the Week” in the office for those receiving excellent customer feedback. Incentives motivate teams to keep customer centricity as priority #1.


Financial Benefits of a Well-Represented Customer Service Team


Devoting resources to an exceptional service team directly correlates to higher lifetime value customers, brand advocates, referrals, retention, and revenue — providing significant ROI.


1. It Costs Less to Keep a Customer than Attract a New One


Research shows that acquiring a new customer could cost 5-7 times more than retaining an existing one. By delivering excellent ongoing service, companies spend less to maintain loyalty vs constantly replacing churned customers.


2. Customers Will Spend More for Excellent Service


Customers are willing to pay higher prices with brands that offer good service. One survey showed 58% paid extra for a company they believe provides excellent customer service.


3. Loyal Customers Spend More Over Their Lifetime


Brand devotees drive more repeat sales due to increased trust and meeting their needs over time. Data shows repeat purchasers spend 31% more than new ones. Customer service helps nurture this loyalty.


Elevate Your Brand Through Customer Service


Customer service and branding have a deeply intertwined relationship. While marketing introduces a brand, service teams bring it to life through compassionate support. They can embody values and build emotional connections during problems or difficult times.


Investing in developing an empowered, customer-focused service team strengthens your brand image and loyalty over the long term. Dedicating resources to hiring, training, and aligning agents around your mission reaps exponential returns.


Remember, customers have numerous options. Your service team gives them reasons to stay loyal despite any bumps. Take these insights as a call to examine your support operations and culture and make customer experience an ongoing priority.


Transform Your Customer Service with Origin 63


Want hands-on guidance on elevating your customer service and branding? Origin 63 experts can help improve your current workflows, tools, and training to pinpoint opportunities for creating brand advocates.

We'll conduct an in-depth analysis of your support operations, staffing, and technologies. Then, provide recommendations on refining processes, unifying your omnichannel presence, and creating a customer-centric culture focused on your brand values.


Strengthening the human connection between customers and your company leads to measurable gains. Contact us to get started.

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