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August 1,2023
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Revolutionizing Lending with a Full-Stack HubSpot Portal: A VC-Backed FinTech Case Study

In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, lending institutions face numerous challenges in providing a seamless and efficient experience for both lenders and borrowers. This case study explores the journey of a VC-backed FinTech software company which aims to revolutionize the lending process for community lenders and borrowers through automation and intelligence.

The company's core objective was to perfect the lending experience by leveraging a cloud-based platform and employing configurable workflows with data-driven decisioning intelligence. 

However, several critical obstacles hindered their progress: Disconnected systems within the organization's divisions impeded collaboration and efficiency, while limited customer management capabilities presented difficulties in managing and delivering personalized experiences.

To address these challenges, the company sought a comprehensive solution that would streamline operations, enhance communication, and improve customer management. Through the implementation of HubSpot Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub, and Operations Hub, the organization looked to consolidate tech stack and unify its teams. To accomplish this, the company sought help from Origin 63, a trusted HubSpot implementation partner, to guide them through the strategy, implementation and roll-out of their HubSpot portal.

This case study examines how the adoption of HubSpot's integrated platform empowered the VC-backed FinTech software company to overcome their obstacles and achieve significant cost savings and operational efficiencies. By consolidating their software systems into a full-stack HubSpot portal, the company successfully aligned its team under one roof, fostering better collaboration and driving improved customer experiences.


The Challenges: Fragmented Systems Across Various Divisions


Disconnected Systems: VC-Backed FinTech Software faced the challenge of having different divisions working in completely separate systems. This fragmentation hindered efficient operations, as teams had to navigate multiple platforms to access information and perform their tasks. Lack of integration between systems resulted in disjointed communication and made it difficult to have a unified view of customers throughout their journey.

Inefficient Communication: With divisions working in different systems, effective communication and collaboration were hindered. Teams had to rely on external tools or manual processes to share information, leading to delays, miscommunication, and a potential loss of vital data. This siloed approach hampered the ability to provide a seamless customer experience and slowed down decision-making processes. In addition, the teams were spending several hours per week compiling joint data in external spreadsheets to be shared among key executives, as well as for board reports.


Limited Customer Management: Managing customer interactions and maintaining a holistic view of customer data was challenging due to the lack of a centralized system. Divisions had to rely on disparate tools, making it harder to track and analyze customer behavior, preferences, and needs. This limitation prevented the company from effectively tailoring their services, responding promptly to customer inquiries, and leveraging valuable customer insights for business growth. Critical functions like client renewals and upsells were also extremely difficult due to the disjointed data, and the company felt they were leaving money on the table. 


The Solution:


The implementation of Origin 63, in conjunction with HubSpot's Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub, and Operations Hub, addressed the challenges faced by VC-backed FinTech software. By streamlining their software systems, enhancing collaboration among teams, and improving customer insights, the company achieved significant operational efficiencies and a superior borrower experience.


Streamlining Software Systems: The implementation of Origin 63 and the HubSpot suite enabled VC-backed FinTech software to consolidate their software systems into a unified platform. This integration eliminated the challenge of disconnected systems, where different divisions worked in separate environments. With all teams operating within HubSpot, the company gained a centralized hub for data and information, simplifying access and improving efficiency. The streamlined software systems facilitated seamless workflows and eliminated the need to navigate multiple platforms, enhancing overall operational effectiveness.

Enhancing Collaboration: Clear customer journey mapping and expectation setting enabled all three divisions to align their efforts and work towards a unified goal. Visualizing and realizing the customer journey and touchpoints necessary for each team allowed for effective coordination and collaboration. With a shared platform, teams could exchange information, communicate seamlessly, and work together towards delivering exceptional borrower experiences. The elimination of external tools and the automation capabilities provided by HubSpot reduced manual and tedious processes, freeing up time for teams to focus on higher-value tasks and improving overall productivity.

Improving Customer Insights: With a centralized system, the company could track and analyze customer behavior, preferences, and needs more effectively. This holistic view of customer data enabled personalized service offerings, prompt responses to inquiries, and tailored experiences throughout the customer journey. Leveraging HubSpot's automation capabilities, the company automated previously manual processes, optimizing efficiency, and enhancing the overall customer experience. By identifying and implementing touch points along the customer journey, the company ensured that HubSpot's robust automation capabilities took control, streamlining operations and delivering a seamless and efficient borrower experience.


The Results: 


The overall outcomes and benefits that VC-backed FinTech software experienced after implementing the HubSpot Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub, and Operations Hub. 

Cost Savings and Operational Efficiencies: The implementation of HubSpot's suite of tools brought cost savings and operational efficiencies to VC-backed FinTech software. By consolidating their software systems into a full-stack HubSpot portal, the company simplified billing processes and eliminated the need for multiple tools and subscriptions. This consolidation reduced administrative costs and alleviated complexity. Moreover, the unified platform enabled seamless communication and collaboration among divisions, leading to streamlined workflows, faster decision-making, and optimized resource allocation, enhancing operational effectiveness.

Enhanced Collaboration and Communication: With all divisions under one roof within the HubSpot portal, VC-backed FinTech software achieved improved collaboration and communication. Teams were able to work together seamlessly, accessing and sharing information within the centralized system. The shared platform eliminated communication barriers and enabled real-time collaboration, leading to faster response times, better alignment of goals, and enhanced teamwork. By speaking the same language and working in the same portal, teams could deliver a unified and consistent experience to customers, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Leveraging Customer Insights: The consolidation of software into a full-stack HubSpot portal provided VC-backed FinTech software with comprehensive customer insights. With access to a centralized system, the company gained a holistic view of customer data, allowing them to better understand customer behavior, preferences, and needs. Leveraging these insights, the company was able to personalize services, tailor marketing campaigns, and deliver targeted messaging to their customers. The ability to leverage customer insights contributed to improved customer experiences, increased engagement, and ultimately, business growth.


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The implementation of the HubSpot Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub, and Operations Hub brought significant outcomes and benefits to VC-backed FinTech software. The consolidation of software into a full-stack HubSpot portal resulted in cost savings, streamlined operations, and improved efficiency. 

The company experienced enhanced collaboration, streamlined communication, and improved customer service, leading to higher customer satisfaction and retention. Leveraging customer insights enabled personalized experiences and targeted marketing efforts, driving business growth. Overall, the implementation of HubSpot proved instrumental in achieving cost savings, operational efficiencies, and delivering exceptional customer experiences for VC-backed FinTech software.


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